Mail from Heather Henderson!

Mail from Heather Henderson!

I got a lovely letter yesterday evening from Mrs Heather Henderson, the author of ‘A Smile for My Parents’. I was so touched to hear that she had enjoyed my review of her book!

She came back to my comments on grammar and spelling, lamenting the changes by quoting a friend of hers: ‘I can never forgive the Americans for what they have done to our language’. 

In addition, she noted that I made a mistake in comparing Dame Pattie to our current Prime Minister’s daughters. I was merely trying to draw a comparison between the public figures. Mr Abbott’s daughters are in the public eye much more than their mother! However, I apologise for any confusion I may have caused. It was Dame Pattie, Mr Menzies’ wife, who along with Agnes, the housemaid, stayed up all night washing, drying and ironing a house-guest’s twenty-seven shirts!

It was so nice to get feedback from Mrs Henderson herself and there is nothing better than receiving a hand-written note of thanks!


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