Choosing a Book

Choosing a Book

When I was at school, I always asked the librarian for new suggestions and loved that when I was finished I was asked for my opinion. Sadly, I don’t have people to request books from much and I do miss that face-to-face book discussion!

I still ask booksellers for their recommendations but the only truly interested one I’ve met in the past year works at Galaxy Bookshop (above Abbey’s)!!! I feel that I get typecast in a lot of bookstores and despite asking for fantasy I get sent to teen paranormal – it has really led to me buying a lot online, even though I love bookshops and desperately want to support them!! I just hate feeling undervalued as a customer in a bookstore – a store which should be my happy place!!

I also visit bookshops to get their catalogues – only problem is that I find way too many books that I want (or can afford!)!! In addition, I’m signed up to online bookstores’ newsletters which I devour voraciously! Shelf Awareness is also very good – I love their lengthier reviews!!

The Book Depository has a great feature where you can see what people are buying around the world. I spend way too much time watching it – it is just so cool to see what everyone else is reading!

I never really got into Goodreads but am hoping to start using it a bit more for recommendations in the later part of this year. I prefer the immediacy of Twitter – tell me in 140 characters and if I’m interested I’ll read more. I follow a lot of book bloggers and their recommendations are awesome – I’m always clicking from their Twitter pages to their blogs!! I do get ridiculously jealous when they get books before their release dates though!!

I’m also a really big fan of lists! The Dymocks 101 Club, Buzzfeed lists, Top 10 lists – I have some kind of need to complete them!! Don’t think I’ve actually completed one yet but they always provides great suggestions!!

Enough of my rambling though – what do you find are the best methods for picking your next read? I’m always on the lookout for great newsletters, great blogs or a FANTASTIC bookseller in the Sydney area!


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