Laini Taylor Event (2nd September)

Laini Taylor Event (2nd September)


I had planned on writing a number of Laini Taylor blog posts in the lead-up to this event but too much was going on and I neglected my blog….. Bad blogger, I know! However, I will make up for it now – I was lucky enough to come across a slightly obscure Twitter memo about a Laini Taylor signing at Customs House Library in Sydney!! I love it when I can go to things!

For those who don’t know, Laini Taylor is the author of the truly beautiful ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bone’ trilogy. I’ll be posting over the weekend about the books! Laini Taylor is a definite presence with her pink hair and cheerful demeanour. And she is also an entrancing speaker! As well as discussing her writing habits and family, she was great at getting the audience involved, particularly when talk turned to flight. Most of the room ended up debating the impracticalities of wings when it comes to driving and T-shirts.

In my opinion, the most fascinating point of Laini’s talk was hearing the ways in which she comes up with names and language. Being slightly obsessed with language and (fictional) history myself I was intrigued to hear her favourite methods in this regard. Unfortunately I have forgotten the name of the ancient language she mentioned – I will have to tweet her the question so that I can do my own research later! And she was so lovely at the signing!

My gorgeous little sister isn’t much of a reader but she loves Laini’s books! I had them signed out to the two of us and she took the time to ask me about Soph and how pleased she was to have gotten her reading! She was just so nice! And I had to get a picture, just like any fan girl! I absolutely could not resist the pink hair!

It was a free event and I recommend everyone to keep an eye out for these kinds of things! I just signed up to the City of Sydney newsletter so that I can keep on top of it all. There weren’t as many people as I expected and I think this is purely because no one knew! So if you are interested in author events sign up to every newsletter you can! Comment below with the best ones!



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