Top Five 2014

Top Five 2014

I wasn’t sure whether I should devote this purely to books published in 2014, or extend it to all the books that I read in 2014. I decided on all the books I read, purely because most of those that touched me most were from earlier years. I have a much easier time writing about the books I enjoyed, which is evident by the fact that I have already reviewed my favourites. When I finish a book I absolutely adore, I feel like I have to write about it immediately! They are the reviews I am most confident in releasing to the world, because I am so passionate about the subject!

The Night Circus (2012)


Reviewed here:

This is the book I recommend most at my job. I absolutely love how beautiful the setting is, and how it almost becomes a character in its own right. That Morgenstern uses the second person is also a massive drawcard – it incorporates the reader as a character too, which is just fantastic! This was my go-to Christmas present for all my friends (well, those who hadn’t read it yet!)

The Jewel (2014)


Reviewed here:

I absolutely loved this book’s unique take on the slightly overdone dystopian genre. It was intriguing and relevant to surrogacy issues in society today. Slight problem with the massive cliffhanger at the end but the next one is due for release next year, so shouldn’t have to wait all that long!

Throne of Glass (2012)

throne of glass

Reviewed here:

There were so many fantastic young adult series that I stumbled upon this year! It was a difficult choice between Marissa Meyer’s Cinder and Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series, but Throne of Glass won out in the end for its excellent characterisation of Caelena.With a third book released this year, I now have the arduous task of waiting for more news from my favourite characters! (Marissa Meyer has her next instalment coming out in January, so I have less time to wait there!)

The Happiness Project (2009)


Reviewed here:

The inspiration for my New Year, starting with decluttering in the first week of January – that task will be interesting! Rubin puts forward an excellent plan for changing the way we perceive our happiness. Rather than being daunted by my third year of university, this has inspired me to embrace every moment (well, most!) and remember that although the days are long, the years are short. I look forward to putting my own ‘Happiness Project’ in motion using Rubin’s as a fantastic starting point!

The Wife Drought (2014)


Reviewed here:

I never thought that I would see the day where a non-fiction book would rate so highly in my yearly reads, but Annabel Crabb’s offering was truly excellent. With approachable language and a humorous touch, Crabb effectively outlines solutions for the work-life balance men and women today are so desperately missing out on.

This was an incredibly difficult list to compile. In addition to the books I have reviewed on my blog, I have read piles and piles of others – it is my goal next year to up the number I review! There were so many great offerings! Most seem to come from my reading during the second half of the year – might need to implement a list of mid-year favourites too!

Special mention must also go to We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, another excellent book and my personal favourite from the Man Booker shortlist!

Please share your favourites from the year in the comments below – I would love suggestions for my summer reading list!


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