Blog Resolutions 2015

Blog Resolutions 2015

New Year and I have already been a slacker when it comes to the blog! My fitness is on the rise though so I am succeeding in one resolution area!

I have a few plans for the blog this year, namely:

Resolution 1: I will post more regularly – ultimate aim is three times per week, but twice a week will be a positive habit to form!

Resolution 2: I will learn how to manipulate WordPress properly – I would like to personalise my blog a little bit more and will search for tutorials online; otherwise I will cave and buy the ‘WordPress for Dummies’ book.

Resolution 3: I will write more blogs about bookish things – not just reviews. I would love to have two reviews and one ‘bookish’ blog post each week. Not sure exactly what this will entail – maybe some author love, some cool online book-related objects, etc. Work in progress this one!

I had a handwritten list with an additional three resolutions on it, but my sister threw it out when she helped me (i.e. forced me) to clean my room – luckily that is already another resolution crossed off the listI Now to maintain it….. Though I almost preferred it like this:


Happy New Year everyone! I hope it is brilliantly successful – I have a very good feeling about it!


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