Meeting Joe Abercrombie

Meeting Joe Abercrombie

You have probably guessed by now that I am a pretty big fantasy fan! One of the first suggestions made to me when I discovered the genre was Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy. While it is definitely more gruesome than the books I normally read, I loved Abercrombie’s ability to make me love horrible characters and to justify their bad behaviours in my own head. And I even loved the gruesome scenes! There are going to be plenty of those when one of the main characters, Glokta, is a crippled war-hero turned torturer!

I was incredibly excited when Dymocks George St in Sydney announced that Joe Abercrombie was coming to Australia! It has been a big month of announcements too – Sarah J Maas is coming out in November, guys!!!!!! Anyway, back to Joe…. I rocked up with the biggest pile of books – all of them except for his ‘Half a King’ (I left it at home…Oops!) and his ‘Half the World’ which I am not buying because its cover doesn’t match my copy of ‘Half a King’ – I am completely anal about that sort of thing! And I didn’t like the story as much…. Not as much gore as I have come to expect from Mr Abercrombie.

The author event was fun – it was so great to meet one of my favourites! Plus, as you can see in the pictures below, he is rather attractive! Very far removed from the fantasy author stereotype! Haha! The only thing I would have preferred is to have had an author talk before the signing – I always enjoy those! Especially because other people ask questions which are way more interesting than my own!

I have just finished his book ‘Best Served Cold’ – absolutely amazing! It was great how he tied in references to characters and events from his ‘First Law’ trilogy! I have another two of his books which I haven’t read, but must get onto immediately! And it is so nice to have signed copies now!

IMG_3059 IMG_3063IMG_3062
IMG_3081 IMG_3082


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