Sydney Writer’s Festival Part 1 – Anthony Horowitz

Sydney Writer’s Festival Part 1 – Anthony Horowitz

I was incredibly fortunate to attend this year’s Sydney Writer’s Festival. My gorgeous friend Katie (pictured with myself and Anthony Horowitz himself below) bought me a ticket to the Anthony Horowitz talk for my birthday! She put me onto the Alex Rider series when we were at school and it was completely incredible to watch this author, whose stories were part of my adolescence, speak about his work.


Before this weekend, I hadn’t read any of his adult fiction, though I had seen them in bookstores. After watching Horowitz speak, I raced outside to purchase House of Silk, his Sherlock Holmes interpretation. Can’t wait to get my teeth into that one! I also got it signed – it is so much more fun getting a book signed in front of you!


Horowitz’ whole writing experience just seems entirely fascinating – such great successes in books and television to the extent that the Arthur Conan Doyle and the Ian Fleming estates approached him to continue the work of those fantastic novelists! I also discovered new information – namely his strong involvement with Midsomer Murders and Foyle’s War. Katie and I had been a bit surprised at the lack of people our age in the audience (who grew up with Alex Rider) but it soon became apparent why we were some of the youngest! It always fascinates me to discover authors can have whole author lives apart from their creations!

We were lucky enough to get a preview of his James Bond novel which comes out in September – there is so much secrecy around it that we don’t yet know the title! I haven’t read any of the James Bond books but am now tempted to buy them for holiday reading – do some catch-up before the Horowitz version comes out!

Horowitz is so evidently passionate about his profession – he was great fun to watch, speaking quickly and rarely sitting still. It might have been a mistake to give him a swivel chair…. Hahaha! I was particularly intrigued by the sound of his next book, which I believe is called The Magpie Murders – it is supposed to be the whodunnit to top all whodunnits, not just a crime book but a dissection of why the genre is so popular. From a brief spot of Googling, it looks like the story has been about ten years in the making!


I also really loved the facilitator, Michaela Kalowski – she had some really intriguing points and steered the conversation wonderfully! I am now also a fan of hers, after a bit of Twitter stalking….

Anyone who hasn’t read the Alex Rider series missed out! But it isn’t too late to go back and enjoy the teenage spy’s adventures – you can never be too old for some stories. I am currently trying to source a box set so that I have my own copies – I read the library versions when I was at school! And I will be reviewing House of Silk when I get around to reading it – still on my Dymocks 101 challenge!

UPDATE: The title of Horowitz’ Bond novel was announced today (28th May 2015) as….. Drum roll please….. TRIGGER MORTIS!


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