Authors I’ve Read the Most From – Top Ten Tuesday

Authors I’ve Read the Most From – Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish!


This is tricky, because a lot of my favourites (who I want to read way more from) are relatively new and don’t have a lot of books out yet…..

1. JK Rowling/Robert Galbraith

Along with the seven Harry Potter books, which will forever be my favourite books in the world, I have read Rowling’s A Casual Vacancy and her crime novels written as Robert Galbraith. While I disliked A Casual Vacancy immensely, I really liked her The Cuckoo’s Calling and will keep reading that series!

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2. Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is a brilliant and prolific fantasy author – he releases AT LEAST one book a year, and often more. My favourite series from him at the moment are Steelheart, about evil superheroes – the ordinary people have to save the day – and The Stormlight Archive, with the amazing character of Kaladin, who in my boyfriend’s words is ‘totally bad-ass’. The magic systems he creates are always incredibly different and creative!

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3. Matthew Reilly

One of my favourite Australian authors ever, Matthew Reilly’s books are always fast-paced, the characters are brilliant and his collection is ever-growing. Seven Ancient Wonders is my favourite of his series, with the awesome Jack West Jr, who has brains as well as brawn, but I haven’t read something of his I didn’t like. His newest book The Great Zoo of China has a similar character, but female, plus DRAGONS!

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4. Emily Rodda

The Australian author who defined my childhood. I have literally NEVER stopped thinking about her book The Best-Kept Secret – I read it over and over again when I was little! And I cannot neglect to mention her Deltora Quest series! In fact, she has recently released a NEW Deltora series (below), so I will have to do some rereading!

download (2) shadows-of-the-master

5. Anthony Horowitz

Another childhood favourite! Alex Rider was a definite favourite, and I can’t wait to get started on his Sherlock Holmes series, as well as his new instalment in the James Bond series. It was so great to meet him at the Sydney Writer’s Festival and hear all about his adult fiction – I always considered him as a children’s author!

images images

6. Roald Dahl

Children’s authors seem to be the most prolific! Roald Dahl was definitely one of my favourites – I devoured everything of his when I was little! Favourites are Matilda and Boy. He has also written short stories for adults – I have read one collection Switch Bitch and, while still good, not something I expected from one of my childhood favourites!

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7. Enid Blyton

I devoured absolutely everything I could get my hands on by this brilliant author! Malory Towers and The Naughtiest Girl were the best, though The Wishing Chair and The Magic Faraway Tree were also important parts of my childhood. I’m pretty sure the former two series were the reason I loved boarding school so much!

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8. Robin Hobb

I have barely made a dent in Hobb’s collection of books, but I have read quite a few. I loved her Liveship Traders series, and recently (well, in March) read Assassin’s Apprentice – must get on and finish that series! It was a great book. I would have already read more by Hobb, but they redesigned the book covers and not everything matches anymore! The books aren’t even all the same size! Eek!

download (7) download (8)

9. William Shakespeare

I’m not sure if he technically counts here, seeing as his works aren’t novels, but plays. However, I love them, and having studied a different play each year at school (and read Hamlet in my own time), he is definitely one of the ‘authors’ who I have read the most from! HamletMacbeth, and Othello (Iago is the best villain ever written) are definitely my favourites!

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10. Robert Jordan

I feel like I have to include Robert Jordan, purely because I persevered through his 13-book Wheel of Time series. The series was so long and convoluted, that he died before finishing! Luckily the wonderful Brandon Sanderson was there to leap in an finish it off! The books were a little repetitive at times, but the world’s magic system and the characters were absolutely amazing!

eye of the world

Note: The authors I OWN the most from include many of these, but also Joe Abercrombie. I keep thinking I have read all of his books, purely because I own them, but sadly that is not the case. While I have read a number, the authors in the Top Ten still beat him….

Which authors have you read the most books from?


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