Crucible of Souls Book Launch at Galaxy Bookshop

Crucible of Souls Book Launch at Galaxy Bookshop

Thanks must go to HarperVoyager for my invitation to this great event, and to the wonderful staff at Galaxy Bookshop for hosting. It was a very fun evening, and Mitchell Hogan was incredibly lovely to his fan base, new and old! Crucible of Souls is well and truly launched, and is now available to a whole new host of fantasy lovers.

image2 image3

We were treated to a reading – I do love hearing authors read from their stories, especially so that I know how to pronounce character names! Hogan finished on a cliffhanger – a very clever ploy to get us all intrigued! His gorgeous little girl provided excellent commentary with a loud ‘Uh-Oh’ – she obviously knew what was coming!

I had the opportunity to take lots of photos, and we all participated in the Twitter frenzy, using the hashtag #MitchatGalaxy. I also got to mingle with other book bloggers, which was lots of fun – not something I get the chance to do very often!

image4 image6

All in all, it was a fantastic night and I hope I get the opportunity to attend more events like it in the future! With this and meeting Kate Forsyth earlier this month, I am definitely living up to my resolution to be present at more bookish happenings!


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