The White Rose – Amy Ewing

The White Rose – Amy Ewing

Title: The White Rose
Author: Amy Ewing
Genre: Young Adult/Dystopia
Publisher: Walker Books
Publication Date: 1st October 2015
Pages: 310
Rating: 4/5 stars


On the run in the Lone City.

Enlisted by the Society of the Black Key.

Powerless to protect the people she loves.

Violet, Ash and Raven have escaped the Jewel, but nowhere will be safe until the royalty is destroyed.

If she can reach the White Rose, Violet may be able to rescue more surrogates. But for one surrogate it is already too late: Raven is pregnant, and that is a death sentence.

Followers of the blog know that I am a super fan of this series, and have been waiting for The White Rose pretty much since I finished reading The Jewel. It has featured in a number of Top Ten Tuesdays, and I was excited about the cover change a few weeks ago – unfortunately I got it wrong and that’s just for the US covers…. So again, I beg EVERYONE to please IGNORE the covers of this series because the story is so much better!

The book is intense from start to end – after the crazy cliffhanger of The Jewel, Violet and Ash are on the run. Lucien, a lady-in-waiting who appears in the first book, has quite a major role, as does Garnet, the Duchess of the Lake’s son. I really really like Garnet – I liked him in the first book, but he only gets better with some more character development! We also got to see a bit more of Ash’s background, which was intriguing – I like him a little bit more now.

We finally learn a bit more about the Auguries, the magic system in the book. It turns out that it was once a more pure source of power, related to the elements, but the royalty has managed to severely twist it for their own purposes. I can’t wait to explore this magic a bit more in the next book.

The pacing was a little bit off – a lot happened while the runaways were trying to find safety, but once they were relatively stable the story slowed RIGHT down. And it ends on ANOTHER cliffhanger – can I please have the next book already?

While I definitely preferred the first book in the series, The White Rose offered more depth into the world of The Jewel. The political and social tensions have become more obvious, and it is turning into a true representation of the dystopian genre. Nothing too cliched has happened yet, but I can feel it coming! I still highly recommend that everyone read The Jewel – you’ll be so addicted, you’ll have to get The White Rose too!

Do you generally prefer the first book in the series? Or do sequels normally live up to your expectations?


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