Ten Wishes I’d Ask the Book Genie to Grant Me – Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Wishes I’d Ask the Book Genie to Grant Me – Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.


After writing this list, I am seriously hoping the book genie will appear! Not great pictures this week unfortunately….

1. The library from Beauty and the Beast or Swan Princess

Pretty libraries! I have a pretty good book case at home, but a room of this size FULL of books?! Living in a castle with a library like these is on the bucket list!

Beauty_and_the_beast_library 520e5acd51aaff09f346ef811c742dc2

2. Indestructible books

I really really love to read in the bath, and I take my books everywhere. Unfortunately that means that occasionally there is some damage…. Indestructible books would stay in perfect shape forever! Book genie, make it happen! (eBooks don’t count!)


3. Free shipping on all book orders

I just ordered a special edition which was only available in America and the shipping cost more than the book itself! Luckily the book was on sale, and it’s a gift so it’s worth it.


4. More book conventions!

I went to Book Expo Australia again this year but it was a bit of a disappointment… We get more exciting book people at Supanova and Oz Comic-Con (though they are much more expensive!)

v0zECY1M supanova-logo

5. To be able to experience books for the first time again

I’d love to be able to read so many of my childhood favourites for the first time, especially the Harry Potter series. I’d also love to experience Throne of Glass and Cinder again for the first time!

download throne of glass

6. That I could meet my favourite characters

I have plenty of fictional friends but I’d love for those relationships to translate into real life (hahahaha!)!!! I’d most love to meet Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and Willowdean Dickson from Dumplin’.

Rich-witch--Emma-Watson-aka-Hermione-Granger-ma-5562483 tumblr_inline_nk1eqxHJyH1r051wd

7. To be able to read every book I want before I die

My list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. No matter how much I read, there is still so much more!

image1 IMG_4264

8. Give me a beautiful bookshop without any financial problems

I really want to open a bookshop and I even bought a business name, but the financials are just too scary! I think I’ll stick to working in someone else’s…. Hopefully one day I’ll work in/own a bookshop pretty enough to make this list!


9. All the editions of Harry Potter from around the world

As my favourite series EVER, I already own French and German editions of Harry Potter, plus two editions in English and one of the books in Latin. I also have the AMAZING illustrated edition and am going to keep collecting whenever I see a copy I don’t have!

French_cover_Philosopher's 9781408845646

10. No more reading slumps

I haven’t read anything all day today and just can’t motivate myself to start a new book. I finished the gorgeous What Milo Saw and it was so lovely, I don’t want to let go of it just yet. How could I not love this book? There was a pet pig called Hamlet! ADORABLE! But I don’t know what to start next….


What wishes do you want the book genie to grant?


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