Ten 2016 Debuts I Want in My Life – Top Ten Tuesday

Ten 2016 Debuts I Want in My Life – Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


Originally I thought this was just 2016 books, not debuts! Debuts were a little harder to find – I know my old favourites and actually don’t read many debut authors…. I’m definitely going to have to remedy that! Also, I’m trying something new this week by linking the titles to their Goodreads pages – tell me if you like it in the comments!

1. Yellow – Megan Jacobson

A YA murder mystery with a slight supernatural edge. An Australian debut I have been excited about for months now! Plus, the cover is REALLY pretty!

2. Bookishly Ever After – Isabel Bandeira

A YA love story, where the protagonist uses her favourite YA heroines to win over her crush. Could go either way based on my experience with romance books, but if it quotes other books, I am IN!

3. The Loose Ends List – Carrie Firestone

A grand old matriarch books her family on a cruise ship for terminal patients. The blurb sounds a lot snappier than that little snippet – it sounds like a very interesting way of dealing with imminent death. Plus, the cover is really cute!

4. The Crown’s Game – Evelyn Skye

A game between Russia’s two enchanters. The blurb brought The Night Circus to mind, and therefore I need to read this book NOW!

5. The Star Touched Queen – Roshani Chokshi

Inspired by Indian mythology, this story seems to be full of secrets. I really hope it’s one of those books where I can guess parts of the story!

6. Sword and Verse – Kathy MacMillan

This one sounds a bit like Ink and Bone – knowledge and literacy are sacred. However, this appears to have some more bloodthirsty aspects, judging by the cover.

7. The Immortals – Jordanna Max Brodsky

For fans of American Gods and Percy Jackson. A solitary Huntress working with a classics professor. This book sounds AWESOME!

8. The Reader – Traci Chee

Set in a world where reading is forbidden, The Reader has the potential to be my favourite story next year. Sefia’s father is murdered and her aunt is kidnapped. The only clue to both events is an odd rectangular object, a book.With its help, Sefia sets out to rescue her aunt and avenge her father’s murder.

9. These Vicious Masks – Tarun Shanker

I couldn’t go past this book after reading the description ‘Jane Austen meets X-Men’. It looks like we’ll glimpse London’s gritty, magical Underworld while Evelyn, the main character, searches for her missing sister.

10. Only Love Can Break Your Heart – Ed Tarkington

A disappearing brother, a sordid affair, a double murder, a family facing their past. All the ingredients for a brilliant debut.

What books are you looking forward to in 2016? Do any of these sound like books you’d like?


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