2016 Releases I Want Now – Top Ten Tuesday

2016 Releases I Want Now – Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


This list includes my top ten new releases for the first half of 2016. There are so many books I’m excited for – a few weeks ago, I fangirled over 2016 debuts – I am SUPER excited about those ten, plus these ones following!

1. Passenger – Alexandra Bracken

I happened to snag an ARC of this one and it is AMAZING! I can’t wait for its official release so that I can begin recommending it to EVERYONE! And then comparing theories!

2. Stars Above – Marissa Meyer

I just finished Winter and am so excited that there is more to fulfil my love of Meyer’s galaxy so soon! All short stories, I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on them! (She also has another book, Heartless, coming out at the end of 2016 – with an Alice in Wonderland twist!)

3. The Crown – Kiera Cass

The final book in Cass’ awesome Selection series (well, its companion series….) Like the Bachelor/ette in a dystopian America, this series is ridiculously addictive.

4. Sidekicks – Will Kostakis

I read a teaser of this book and NEED it so ridiculously badly. However, since Sydney Writer’s Festival early this year, I haven’t heard very much more about it….. Very much hoping it is still on track for an early 2016 release!

5. A Gathering of Shadows – V.E. Schwab

I absolutely loved the first book, A Darker Shade of Magic. Then I read Vicious which was absolutely AMAZING – it was like a dark X-Men. V.E. Schwab is a brilliant writer and I cannot wait to read more of her work!

6. Denton’s Little Birthdate – Lance Rubin

I reviewed the first book Denton Little’s Deathdate after enjoying it immensely! Denton himself was a great character and I can’t wait to see what he gets up to in the second book!

7. The Winner’s Kiss – Marie Rutkoski

Massive cliffhanger at the end of the last book! Need to read the finale right now! Arin and Kestrel are so real, with all the awful human bits thrown in. And they’re both in such bad places at the moment – I NEED THEM TO BE HAPPY!

8. Blackhearts – Nicole Castroman

It’s a Blackbeard story! I don’t really know much about him to be honest, but I like pirates! And the cover is pretty cool! Rich boy goes rogue – what a perfect man! 😛

9. The Loose Ends List – Carrie Firestone

An old lady takes her family on a cruise ship for terminal patients. Cute cover plus I’m really intrigued by the premise – how to deal with imminent death. One of my favourite books of this year, The A-Z of You and Me, dealt with the same issue.

10. The Crown’s Game – Evelyn Skye

Sounds like The Night Circus! And therefore I need it IMMEDIATELY! Magicians in an epic game? AMAZING!

What books are you looking forward to in early 2015?


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