December Wrap-Up

December Wrap-Up

19 books this month! A big improvement on November! I had planned to catch up on my massive reading pile, but most of my reads were fairly new additions to the stack! Oops…

Only 12 blog posts this month though. I’ve been keeping up to date with Top Ten Tuesdays, but haven’t been organised enough to do all the reviews I have wanted to! The most popular posts included The Life and Death of Sophie Stark and Illuminae, two of my favourite books from recent months. I also added my second one-star review in Thicker than Water – that is time I won’t ever get back….

I continued with the Dymocks101 Challenge. Finished A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry, but I didn’t finish the whole list. It is taking me a LOOOONG time to read The Bible. But I should be finished by the time the next 101 list comes out in March!

Highlights included Vicious (a bit like the X-Men) and Winter (the epic finale to the Cinder series). I also LOVED I Kill the Mockingbird and The Life and Death of Sophie Stark

There weren’t any particular lowlights, though it did take me quite a while to even begin to understand Ancillary Justice! Since getting to the end though, I’m desperate to get my hands on Ancillary Sword.

The year itself has also been pretty fantastic – I read 235 books, and posted 124 blog posts. The most popular post of the year was That Sugar Book, followed by Queen of Shadows.

I’m looking forward to a great new year of blogging in 2016. I’m hoping to be much more organised with the scheduling! And I have to set some goals for the new year. I am DEFINITELY planning on joining a library, so that I spend a little less money on books. And I need to get on top of my enormous reading pile! I also need to make a slight effort with last year’s resolutions – I made good progress on #1 (more regular posting) and #2 (learning more about WordPress), but I didn’t manage to write many posts about bookish things, or habits (#3).


Vicious – V.E. Schwab
First Person Shooter – Cameron Raynes (Australian author.)
Eleanor – Jason Gurley
Making a Point – David Crystal
I Kill the Mockingbird – Paul Acampora
The Life and Death of Sophie Stark – Anna North
Passenger – Alexandra Bracken
A Fine Balance – Rohinton Mistry
The Cavern of the Fear – Emily Rodda (Australian author.)
The Isle of Illusion – Emily Rodda (Australian author.)
The Shadowlands – Emily Rodda (Australian author.)
The Absent Therapist – Will Eaves
Winter – Marissa Meyer
Night Owls – Jenn Bennet
Still Alice – Lisa Genova
My True Love Gave to Me – Stephanie Perkins (Ed.)
Letters to My Daughter – Robert Menzies (Australian author.)
Thirst – Lizzie Wilcock (Australian author.)
Ancillary Justice – Ann Leckie

What did you read in December? Any particular highlights? Or lowlights? Do you have any plans for next year?


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