Ten Reasons to Break the Comfort Zone – Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Reasons to Break the Comfort Zone – Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about rejoicing in breaking out of your comfort zone. This was tricky for me, as I have been reading a bit of everything for a while now! I do generally prefer to stick to YA and fantasy (YA fantasy is best! 😛 ), and am less excited about approaching contemporary adult fiction; literary fiction also scares me a bit! I don’t read as much bio/non-fiction as I should either…. But some of my favourite books of ALL TIME have been outside my typical genres of choice.

1. The A-Z of You and Me – James Hannah

I have mentioned this BEAUTIFUL book multiple times since I read it in June last year. Were it not for the amazing cover, I would never have picked it up! And then the intriguing way in which the story was told held me tight and didn’t let me go!!!!

2. H is for Hawk – Helen Macdonald

I didn’t think I would enjoy a book about a woman learning to hawk, but I was SO WRONG! H is for Hawk was the first book I borrowed from my local library, but I’m going to have to buy it! It was so wonderful and I’m sure it will be one I continue to dip back into.

3. A Guide to Berlin – Gail Jones

This is literary fiction, a genre I would typically give a VERY wide berth. However, being dedicated to finishing the Stella Prize 2016 list, I picked this book up, and I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID! It is a beautiful story about a beautiful city (by the way, I now want to move to Berlin……) and six expats joined by their love of Vladimir Nabokov. I now even want to read Lolita, and that has never EVER been on the TBR list!

4. The Life and Death of Sophie Stark – Anna North

Books that focus primarily on one character haven’t ever really appealed – especially a character as unlikeable as Sophie Stark! But this book was so good – I didn’t put it down, and loved hearing the perspectives from Sophie’s associates, and the twist at the end!

5. Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts

First of all, it’s HUUUUUUGE! Second of all, the story just didn’t appeal – I had heard much about its ‘spiritual’ element, and wasn’t keen to get stuck in. But I sucked it up for my Dymocks101 Challenge (can’t wait to start that again with the new list soon!), and I am so glad that I did. The book was INCREDIBLE! I now understand why so many people rave about it!

6. Luckiest Girl Alive – Jessica Knoll

It’s a book about a girl trying to escape her weird past by living the perfect life. I related to the character SO MANY TIMES! Although there was a criminal element, I loved the present day story a lot more. Ani FaNelli was just a completely relatable female character (which scared me a lot!).

7. Demon Road – Derek Landy

I like fantasy, but am not so much a fan of the supernatural, or scary folk tales. Thus I was a little apprehensive about Derek Landy’s new book. But Demon Road was something else. Instead of scaring me witless (which I was concerned might happen), I ended up laughing my arse off most of the time. Landy’s style is brilliant, and I’ll definitely be trying his Skulduggery Pleasant series again.

8. Beyond Redemption – Michael R. Fletcher

I was intrigued by this book, because Fletcher uses mental illness as the basis for his world’s magic system. However, I was concerned that it might be a bit misogynistic. While I didn’t appreciate the self-loathing female-female sex scenes, the rest of the story was totally fascinating and I am very glad that I persevered!

9. The Trees – Ali Shaw

I am hoping to review this one soon! It’s probably a little bit more urban/apocalyptic fantasy than I’d usually go for, but the story had a really interesting message about our interaction with the natural world. One night, the trees take over, destroying buildings and lives in the process. The book follows a group of four as they traverse the country, trying to make sense of the new world, where they must commune with nature to survive.

10. Maestra – L.S. Hilton

I knew that this book was going to be erotic. What I wasn’t expecting was the thrilling, murderous side to it. There was still a little too much erotica for this book to become one of my favourites, but I still really enjoyed it; couldn’t put it down! A very fast-paced, guilty read, and one I’m glad to have tried.

What have been your successes with reading outside your comfort zone? 

One thought on “Ten Reasons to Break the Comfort Zone – Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I completely understand about staying in your comfort zone. I tend to do that especially with reading, and literary fiction sometimes intimidates me too! They always feel very serious and I usually end up finding them a bit boring, to be honest. 😛

    My TTT has my out-of-comfort-zone reading successes, if you want to check it out. 🙂

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