Mini Reviews – Standalone YA!

Mini Reviews – Standalone YA!

As much as I love series, there are nowhere near enough standalone novels in the YA genre! And here are TWO!

Book of Lies – Teri Terry
22nd March 2016, 352 pages, 4/5 stars

I haven’t read anything by Teri Terry before, but I love the covers of her books. This one is no exception. The story itself is about twins, Quinn and Piper, who meet for the first time at their mother’s funeral. There is magic, family drama, and so many secrets. The story is told in alternating parts, first Quinn, then Piper. It’s an easy read, and the pacing was really good. The twins were supposedly separated because one is evil, the other good. I was constantly trying to guess which twin was manipulating who. My biggest problem with this book is that it didn’t take me long enough!

MARTians – Blythe Woolston
1st March 2o16, 222 pages, 3/5 stars

This book really looked at where our consumerist values are leading us. Zoe Zindleman has just left school, and started working at AllMART, where she must provide every customer with the perfect experience. But things aren’t what they seem, and Zoe slowly begins to understand that the company has rather sinister designs on its employees. While the story wasn’t that riveting, it is a brilliant insight into where we could realistically end up if our values don’t change.



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