Mini Reviews – Books for Boys!

Mini Reviews – Books for Boys!

I always struggle to recommend books for young boys who are voracious readers. However, I have come across two recently which are just fantastic! Parents, rejoice! And any budding writers out there, please keep advanced middle-grade male readers in mind when picking your next story topic! Of course, girls will enjoy these books too! 🙂

Knights of the Borrowed Dark – Dave Rudden
18th April 2016, 352 pages, 4/5 stars

Finally, another fantastic read for young boys! Denizen Hardwick is a thirteen-year-old orphan who doesn’t believe in magic. That is, until he is ambushed by a concrete monster on his way to meet a mysterious aunt. Denizen discovers that he is a part of an ancient group of Knights whose purpose is to rid the world of the evil darkness. While he is learning about his new world, some weird stuff is happening to his friend Simon at the orphanage… Incredibly easy to read, yet still very intriguing, I’m looking forward to recommending this one to male readers aged 10 and up.

Time Travelling with a Hamster – Ross Welford
1st February 2016, 391 pages, 4/5 stars

Al Chaudhary has just turned twelve, and he received a letter from his dead dad. Not a sentimental one, but a letter which leads Al on a race through time to save his father. Al is a fantastic character – he’s trying to fit into his new blended family, and is also still coping with his dad’s demise. And then he finds out about his dad’s time machine, which is still in their old house. There is A LOT of sneaking around into other people’s houses! The time travel concept is explained pretty simply. The book also explores some racial tensions – Al is half-Indian, and the past wasn’t as accepting as the present! And we mustn’t forget the trusty Alan Shearer, Al’s pet hamster, who is often left behind (sometimes even in the past!). It’s a very endearing story, with relevant themes for the 9+ age group but its length makes it better for dedicated readers.

Can you recommend any other good ‘books for boys’?


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