Stacking the Shelves #15

Stacking the Shelves #15

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where book enthusiasts can show off their newest additions to their collection!


I ended up with A LOT of new books this week (Sunday 8th May-Saturday 14th May) – but I only bought one, and that was a present for Mother’s Day! However, six reading copies has made my TBR pile overbalance a little bit again! Eek! I’m so happy that all except one (The Thing About Jellyfish) of this week’s additions are by Australian authors!


  • Forgetting Foster – Dianne Touchell

It’s out in July, and I’m in love. Forgetting Foster is the story of a little boy whose Dad has Alzheimer’s Disease. It is a beautiful representation of how a child feels when a parent gets sick, and the alienation which can often occur when adults don’t want a child to worry. This will definitely be at the top of my recommendations list when it hits stores!

  • Fire Boy – Sami Shah

First of all, I am always trying to find fantastic new books for teenage boys, because their mothers are always asking for help. This looks like it could fit the criteria. Wahid has normal teenage problems, such as picking a university and trying to understand girls. However, he can also see djinns, and at some point he gets involved with the Devil… Oops! It’s also based in Pakistan, which intrigues me; it’s not a setting I’ve seen much of in teenage fiction!

  • Game Theory – Barry Jonsberg

Jamie’s older sister wins the lottery, and then his younger sister is kidnapped. Jamie is a mathematics whiz, and he applies game theory to the entire scenario. It is intriguing and totally gripping. Phoebe is honest-to-goodness one of the most amazing characters ever! She totally shocked me with how she dealt with being kidnapped!

  • When Michael Met Mina – Randa Abdel-Fattah

I absolutely loved The Bone Sparrow, which I read recently, a beautiful book about refugees in Australia. When Michael Met Mina has the same theme at its core, but is for a slightly older audience. Mina and Michael meet at a rally for refugees, supporting different sides. I’m excited to read more about the issue now that I’ve had my interest piqued.

  • The Thing About Jellyfish – Ali Benjamin

My favourite customer at the bookshop where I work raved about this book to me, and when I saw a copy on a colleague’s desk, I had to borrow it! Apparently it’s very sad, but VERY good. Can’t wait to get stuck into it.

  • Julius and the Watchmaker – Tim Hehir

The cover is really interesting; I love that it looks like cut-outs! There is a character named Emily, which excites me, plus the book seems to be steam-punky! And the blurb mentions time travel, so I’m sold!


  • Life in Balance – Donna Hay

FullSizeRenderMy Mum has the most amazing vegetable garden, and she loves Donna Hay (who doesn’t?!) so I simply couldn’t resist this book for Mother’s Day. The book is gorgeous and I’m sure it will inspire me as well as Mum! Also, I’m rather pleased with my photo of it – the vegetables are from Mum’s veggie patch. They look nice, even though I actually detest both pumpkin and kale…

What new books did you add to the shelves this week?


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