Ten Books I Picked Up On a Whim – Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Books I Picked Up On a Whim – Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


I haven’t picked anything up on a whim recently – all the books I want to read have come from recommendations, the Dymocks101 list, or they’ve come across my desk at work. But when I was younger, I picked things up on a whim A LOT; I discovered some of my favourite authors and series that way!

1. Lost in a Good Book – Jasper Fforde

I vividly remember picking this up in the school library when I was in Year 7 or 8. I loved the title, and the book itself sounded wacky! I didn’t realise until the very end that it was a sequel; I went back and read The Eyre Affair almost immediately! The whole series is truly wonderful!

2. The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruis Zafon

Another book about books! I was completely captivated by the idea of a book cemetery, and I adored this story. I was probably a little bit young when I read it the first time, but I still loved it the second time around!

3. The People of the Book – Geraldine Brooks

I read this in high school. I was bored, and it was on my Mum’s bedside table. And I couldn’t put it down! I haven’t liked any of Brooks’ other books anywhere near as much. Though her newest, The Secret Chord, comes pretty close!

4. Promise of Blood – Brian McLellan

The first book in The Powder Mage Trilogy was absolutely fantastic. I wasn’t really looking for anything new when I bought it; I was actually there to pick up a book from another series, but this looked too cool to resist! I absolutely adored the first two, but third one – The Autumn Republic – fell a little flat…

5. The A-Z of You and Me – James Hannah

This book has made SO MANY appearances in my Top Ten Tuesdays, but I honestly don’t think any topic is more perfect than this one! I literally picked this book up because I liked the cover – I had heard nothing, didn’t even read the blurb. And it was AMAZING!!

6. This is Where the World Ends – Amy Zhang

I won this book at the HarperCollins BTCYA event! I answered a question correctly and had ten seconds to choose a book! This one’s release date was furthest away, and I literally chose it for that very reason.

7. The Improbably Theory of Ana and Zak – Brian Katcher

This book was really cute! It’s a really nerdy sort-of romance set at a ComicCon event. I devoured it really quickly after picking it up in a Target. A perfect, whimsical read!

8. Eric – Shaun Tan

It’s a picture book, so it only took me a moment. But I can’t stop thinking about this book! It’s gorgeous and sends kids important messages in easy-to-understand bites! Shaun Tan is totally amazing.

9. Lifespan of Starlight – Thalia Kalkipsakis

A reading copy was sitting at work one day. I saw the words ‘time travel’ and snatched it up IMMEDIATELY! The second one is out now, and I am regretting my May book-buying ban more than ever!

10. Changers: Drew – T. Cooper & Allison Glock-Cooper

It looked a bit weird, but I had some spare time, and I am so glad I picked up this book! Changers is going to be a very funny series if the first book is anything to go off! Ethan discovers that he is a Changer, and must spend each of his four years of high school as a different person. I just loved the scene where he (after turning into Drew) got his period – it was great hearing it from a male perspective! 😛

What successful reads have you picked up on a total whim?


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