Stacking the Shelves #18

Stacking the Shelves #18

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where book enthusiasts can show off their newest additions to their collection!


I wasn’t too bad this week; but still too many books added to the TBR! 18 new books! Oooooooops! Hahahaha! However, after I collect all the little black classics, I intend to cut back MAJORLY on the buying. Plus, my ARC collection should decrease now that May is over!


  • SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome – Mary Beard

I probably should have bought this in paperback but the hardcover is too divine to refuse! I wanted this from the first moment I saw it – Ancient Rome is the most interesting historical period ever!

  • Why I Am so Clever – Friedrich Nietzsche
  • The Yellow Book – Various
  • A Modern Detective – Edgar Allan Poe
  • The Nun of Murano – Giacomo Casanova
  • Kidnapped – Olaudah Equiano
  • Typhoon – Joseph Conrad
  • The Queen of Spades – Alexander Pushkin
  • Letters to a Young Poet – Rainer Maria Rilke
  • The Frogs – Aristophanes
  • How To Be a Medieval Woman – Margery Kempe

More Little Black Classics! I absolutely LOOOOVVEEE the tiny little snippets in these books!

  • Arkanae – Lynette Noni
  • Seveneves – Neal Stephenson

I bought TWO eBooks this month; they’ve been a lifesaver on my way to and from social events where I shouldn’t have a book! I really liked Arkanae and Seveneves is interesting so far – the moon has exploded!


  • Black – Fleur Ferris
  • The Shark Caller – Dianne Wolfer


  • Black Rock, White City – A. S. Patric

This was the only book on the Miles Franklin Literary Award Shortlist which I hadn’t read, so when I saw it in the library I jumped on the chance! It was really beautiful, if rather disturbing!

  • First & Then – Emma Mills
  • Withering-by-Sea – Judith Rossell

This was an enormous sensation last year, and the sequel is due out just before Christmas so I really have to get on and read this gorgeous kids’ book!

What books did you get this week? Are any fantastic?



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