Weekly Recap June 2016 #3

Weekly Recap June 2016 #3

IMG_5509I had exams this week, so I haven’t been doing as much reading as normal – I actually spent a few nights studying! It wasn’t a great reading week – only two were fantastic reads. I was a bit ambivalent about the others…

All the Feels – Danika Stone (5 stars)

It’s about FANDOM! I read this book in the lead-up to Supanova, and it just made me so very very happy to be a fan! There were some unrealistic moments, but it was a total feel-good read, particularly right before a convention!

The Outliers – Kimberley McCreight (3 stars)

I actually expected this book to be more fantastical than it was. There was a little bit of science fiction, but it didn’t come into the story until late. I was honestly a little bit bored, and found the story predictable. I had similar problems keeping entertained with my last attempt at McCreight’s work – Reconstructing Amelia

Julius and the Watchmaker – Tim Hehir (3 stars) (Australian author)

I really liked the idea of this book – steampunk for middle-grade readers. However, it fell a little bit short of my expectations. Julius, the protagonist, addresses himself by his surname, Higgins, in his near-constant internal monologue. It was a bit disconcerting. I did like how the characters experienced time travel, however; that was interesting!

FullSizeRender 5

The Art of Reading – Damon Young (3.5 stars) (Australian author)

This book really made me think about my habits as a reader. I was slightly concerned by this line appropriated from Schopenhauer:

The safest way of having no thoughts of one’s own…is to take up a book every moment one has nothing else to do.

I must assume that I have never had an original thought! The book was incredibly intriguing, and led to quite a lot of deep thinking (despite the above quote). However, I found Young rather dismissive of every book outside the classic canon.

FullSizeRender 4Toby Alone – Timothée de Fombelle (4 stars)

A tiny, little boy is on the run. His home, the Tree, is in danger – his parents have been charged with treason. The story interacts between Toby’s past and present – it is compelling, and the setting is absolutely divine. The book itself is absolutely beautiful – the dust jacket folds out into a map!

What did you read this week? Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?


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