Stacking the Shelves #21

Stacking the Shelves #21

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where book enthusiasts can show off their newest additions to their collection!


Another crazy week (Sunday 20th June – Saturday 25th June)! There are just too many wonderful books, and I have been working like crazy so I am pretending they’re all rewards! Now just to find some time to read them – hahahaha! I’m going away in July, so hopefully the spending dies down a little bit!


  • Paris Up, Up and Away – Hélène Druvert

This gorgeous picture book is about the Eiffel Tower, when it decides to take a trip through Paris! It has beautiful stencil cut-outs – it’s so delicate, children shouldn’t really be allowed near it! Hahaha!

  • The Invention of Hugo Cabret – Brian Selznick

I have been meaning to read this book FOREVER! And now I have no excuse; I really must get to it soon – I am intrigued by the fact that half the story is told through pictures rather than words.

  • The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf – Ambelin Kwaymullina (Australian author)

I haven’t stopped hearing about this book since the beginning of the year! It is this month’s #LoveOzYABookClub book, so I had best get on and read it before the month is over – not long now!


  • More Than This – Patrick Ness

Any excuse for more Patrick Ness! I have heard great things about this one!

  • Zero Waste Home – Bea Johnson

I have been interested in the idea of producing zero waste for a while. I’m a few chapters in and it seems so hard! However, I am determined to begin reducing the amount of waste I produce personally.

  • Coraline – Neil Gaiman

I have tried a few of Neil Gaiman’s books but haven’t really meshed with any of them! (Although I adored Good Omens, which he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett!) I read Coraline the night after I got it, and I am prepared to commit to Gaiman once more – it was adorable! (If rather creepy!)

  • The Wind Singer – William Nicholson
  • Slaves of the Mastery – William Nicholson
  • Firesong – William Nicholson

I remember reading this series in my early years of high school, and I saw them at a massively discounted price recently and HAD to have them! I will reread them eventually – if I ever slow down long enough to get to the enormous pile waiting for me! 😛


  • Chasing Embers – James Bennett

I got this one from the Hachette stand at Supanova last weekend. I’m looking forward to it – picked it up specifically for its claim to be perfect for fans of Ben Aaronovitch – the author of the marvellous Rivers of London series!

  • Are Some Languages Better Than Others? – R. M. W. Dixon

I speak three languages, and am therefore fairly interested in linguistics. I also have a colleague who wants to read this after me. Knowing that it won’t be staying in my house forever makes me want to read it and pass it on fairly quickly!

FullSizeRender 2

  • Rivers of London: Body Work – Ben Aaronovitch

This is a Rivers of London graphic novel spin-off. I don’t read many graphic novels but I’m excited to delve into this world again, even if it’s in a different form!

  • Céleste – Roland Perry (Australian author)

I adored Roland Perry’s last book – The Queen, Her Lover, and the Most Notorious Spy in History. It was all about Queen Victoria and was incredibly readable. Therefore I’m looking forward to reading his new non-fiction!

  • Special – Georgia Blain (Australian author)

I keep seeing good things about this book, and when I saw an ARC sitting in the office I jumped at the chance!


  • The Boundless Sublime – Lili Wilkinson (Australian author)

This was mentioned at TeenCon – it’s about cults. Apparently it’s a book to read in one sitting so I’ll be sinking my teeth into it when I have a fair chunk of time all at once!

  • Another Night in Mullet Town – Steven Herrick (Australian author)

This is a fantastic book written in verse. It was a fast read, but told a wonderful story of a small coastal town striving to maintain its charm against the onrush of developers from the city. I love verse novels, and this is absolutely no exception. So lyrical and so Australian!

What books did you add to your shelves this week?


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