Weekly Recap July 2016 #1

Weekly Recap July 2016 #1

I was away at the snow this week (4th July – 10th July), so not much reading was happening! But it did pick up again at the end of the week when I became sick and wasn’t skiing as much…. I’ve also been a little bit slack about taking pretty photos, so its generic ones today, I’m sorry!

Inbetween Days – Vikki Wakefield (2 stars)(Australian author)

I couldn’t get into this book. As someone who has never lacked a plan, it was hard to connect with Jacklin, who is in this ‘inbetween’ state of being – with no idea what to do next. She lives with her sister, who she admires for her ability to get out of their macabre small town. Everything in Jack’s life goes down the plughole, but instead of feeling any pity for her, I just thought she was a bit of an idiot. Not my kind of character, and not my kind of book.

The Unexpected Everything – Morgan Matson (3 stars)

This book was a cute, fluffy contemporary romance. I don’t normally read from this genre – I am not a romance fan. However, this book had its good points! Andie’s life has fallen apart – her politician dad is involved in a scandal, and Andie’s plans for her summer are ruined in the aftermath. I liked that the story gave a nod to the genre of fantasy – as a fantasy nerd, this made me happy. A point of difference about this book was the prevalence of text messages – many written with emojis; it made the story rather conversational and really encapsulated the friendship between the four main characters. I’d love to have such a tight-knit group, who are CONSTANTLY in contact with each other.

Fairytales for Wilde Girls – Allyse Near (4 stars) (Australian author)

This book was confusing, but so beautiful. I can’t really remember what the story was actually about, but the ebb and flow of the language was truly divine. Isola Wilde sees things other people don’t – she has seven brother-princes who are almost guardian angels. My favourite was the gargoyle – an agent for protection who is also a bit of a dickhead; in a fluffy bunny’s body. There is a war – and finally Isola’s fantasy world clashes with reality and we begin to understand why she is the way she is. The book reads like a fairytale, but still has enough grip on reality to leave you pleasantly confused about the mysteries of the world.

Green Valentine – Lili Wilkinson (3 stars) (Australian author)

I really enjoyed reading The Boundless Sublime and because I’m heading to its launch in August, I thought I should read some more of Lili’s work! I really liked Green Valentine – it’s the story of two teenagers; one the perfect, popular student with enormous drive and ambition, the other is the stereotypical bad boy – always in detention, but has a heart of gold. The two bond over environmental warfare – first through traditional gardening, and then through guerilla gardening. The scenes when the two were planting in secret made me want to try my own hand at gardening (this from the girl who regularly complains about the outdoors!). I did, however, have one major problem with this book – Lili Wilkinson doesn’t write adults very well. The teachers and the mayor were written as petulant children, and I found this totally unrealistic. Realising this here made me reevaluate The Boundless Sublime. However, I still liked the story, and would definitely recommend it, even just to show that teenagers DO have the power to create change within their own community.

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What have you been reading?


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