Weekly Recap July 2016 #4

Weekly Recap July 2016 #4

Well, there is definitely a big one this week – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I was a bit too excited in the lead-up to get all my reading done! But there were some REALLY great books read this week! Shadow Queen by C J Redwine was a total standout. Find any of these books for yourself at Booktopia!

You Know Me Well – Nina LaCour and David Levithan (4 stars)

This was one incredibly cute book about friendship. Kate and Mark have sat next to each IMG_5900other in class for an entire year without speaking. And then they meet at a Pride Week event, outside of school, away from their other friends. A wonderful friendship is born. It’s like a totally platonic romance, and I loved it! Both characters are crushing on other people, but they talk it out with each other; they have one of those friendships when you instantly know the other person has your back. It’s adorable, and it’s diverse. Read this fabulous book.

Marge in Charge – Isla Fisher (Australian author) (4 stars)

I was sceptical about reading a book written by an actress. But Isla Fisher has nailed it. There are three short stories in this wondrously funny collection about Jemima and Jake and their babysitter Marge. Marge is very small, but she has rainbow hair, and she grew up in a palace. The kids’ Mum always leaves a boring list of things to do – Marge adds something new and fun to get the job done! It was a fabulously funny story – and I’m very intrigued by Marge’s chocolate soup recipe.

The Memory Book – Lara Avery (4 stars)

Sammie has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder – Niemann-Pick Type C. The disease will steal her health, and her mind. Sammie has always had her future defined – she intends to graduate at the top of her class, and attend NYU. She is determined to not let her disease affect her plan, and so she begins the Memory Book – a place to record her memories, and to document the disease’s progress. Sammie’s voice is pure – she is a high-achiever who can’t bring herself to acknowledge what is happening to her mind. We are not only witness to her lucid moments, but experience the occasional moment of confusion – from the minor loss of a particular word, through to Sammie forgetting who her younger sister is. This book is about firsts and lasts, as Sammie’s illness progresses, but most importantly it is about reminding yourself to live in the moment. This book definitely made me cry – it was much sweeter than I expected from the synopsis.

The Shadow Queen – C J Redwine (5 stars) 

The Shadow Queen is loosely based on Snow White, but with so much more action. Lorelai of Ravenspire is a kickass princess determined to save her kingdom from her wicked stepmother, Queen Irina. The story also follows Prince Kol of Eldr, a young man who unexpectedly becomes king after the tragic deaths of his family. He needs to find a way to end the war which is killing his people. This book has dragons, and magic, and all the good things. I can’t wait to read the sequel next year – even though it doesn’t seem to follow the same characters… But this book is perfect for anyone who likes fairytale retellings, or just a really good fantasy story.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – J K Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne (5 stars)FullSizeRender

I devoured this book in two hours. Loved it on my first read – as my blog post will attest. However, I am in the middle of writing a spoilery blog post where I will give my updated opinion. Sadly, the more I actually think about the story, the less I can say I liked it. It still gets five stars though because it is a Harry Potter story and nothing can change the joy of that.

What have you been reading?


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