Weekly Recap August 2016 #3

Weekly Recap August 2016 #3

I read a few fantastic books this week (15th August – 21st August). Getting back into the science fiction! I’m still pretty busy, so not finding as much time to blog, but definitely making sure to find time for reading!

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet – Becky Chambers (5 stars)

This book is a MUST for any fan of the television series Firefly. It’s about a crew traversing the stars. Some are human, some are alien. It is all totally and utterly perfect, and I cannot do it justice in just a few lines. It deals with prejudice and interspecies relations; it has so many perfect quotes and it is just AMAZING science fiction. Can’t wait to start the second one, coming in October – A Closed and Common Orbit. 


The Hypnotist – Laurence Anholt (2 stars)

This book was about an interesting time period; the sixties in America. It’s about race relations – the main character is Pip, a young black boy serving in a white household. There he meets Hannah, a displaced, mute Native American. It was interesting, except that the story was also told from the perspective of an Irish hypnotist. His narration felt clunky, and just wrong – the story told through Pip and Hannah felt much smoother, and I was disappointed that the hypnotist and his ‘powers’ played such a strong part. It was just too strange and disjointed for me to connect with…

Three Dark Crowns – Kendare Blake (5 stars)

Three Dark Crowns is the beginning to what is already an intriguing YA fantasy series. Triplet girls are born to the old queen; only one can survive to replace her. We meet the girls – Arsinoe, Katherine and Mirabella – in the lead-up to their sixteenth year. They have been training to fight their sisters, separated into different magical factions – the poisoners, the naturalists, and the elementals.

The magic system was really intriguing, and each girl had a very distinct personality. The people who surround them, and help them discover their strengths and weaknesses, are also very interesting.

There was an incredible twist which has left me craving so much more from this world. I am invested in every character – even the underdogs still seem to have a chance. A really excellent new series – great for fans of the Throne of Glass series.

fullsizerender-2Princess Parsley – Pamela Rushby (Australian author)(4 stars)

As if being called Parsley wasn’t embarrassing enough! Just as Parsley is about to head into her first year of high school, her dad decides to set up his own principality, making his daughters princesses! Suddenly Parsley is Princess Parsley – instead of being the dream we all imagine it to be, it causes Parsley no end of trouble with the cool girls at school. This book was very funny, and Parsley was a fantastic narrator – a great read for anyone scared of starting high school!

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