Weekly Recap August 2016 #4

Weekly Recap August 2016 #4

Four books this week (22nd August – 28th August) – not one of my best, but not too dreadful considering everything I’m trying to juggle!!! The kids books I read were fantastic, but the YA wasn’t too outstanding…

Cybele’s Secret – Juliet Marillier (Australian author)(2 stars)

Just as I read Wildwood Dancing at a friend’s bequest, so I read its sequel. The sequel was a little bit more pretentious than the first book. The pacing was also a little off, and the main character was just too perfect! However, I rather enjoyed the mythology behind the story, as I have been studying it in my Ancient History classes.

The Apprentice Witch – James Nicol (4 stars)

Does anybody else remember The Worst Witch series by Jilly Murphy? This reminded me a little of that. Arianwyn has failed her witch’s test, and is sent to act as an apprentice in a small backwater town. There, she experiences a lot of trouble and must prove that she has the skills to take on anything, magical or not. It was a really sweet read – Arianwyn was too cute, and I loved all the friends she made. Perfect for pre-teens.

The Graces – Laure Eve (4 stars)

This is one of the coolest ARCs I have ever received. It’s so pretty – black with gold font – and super mysterious because it doesn’t mention the title! The pacing was a little bit off, but there was such a good twist at the end that I could forgive it! I really really liked that the protagonist remained unnamed for so long. It wasn’t as fantastically witchy as I expected it to be, but it had a brilliant air of mystery. I will be reviewing this in full a little closer to the publication date.


Skyfire – Michael Adams (Australian author)(4 stars)

This was a short but action-packed story. Seven teenagers have been selected as winners of the DARE awards. Together, they form an elite group of young people determined to make a difference. With trillionaire Felix Scott’s support, they can make a much bigger difference than initially expected. The characters come from different continents, so the story flicks from place to place fairly rapidly. Then each of the DARE winners is sent a strange clue – they don’t quite figure them out in time and disaster strikes. Skyfire is fast-paced, with interesting plot points and really great characters. With all seven books to be released over thirteen months, it won’t be long until the end is in sight! A great new middle-grade action series.


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