Empire of Storms – Sarah J. Maas

Empire of Storms – Sarah J. Maas

fullsizerenderEmpire of Storms – Sarah J Maas
6th September 2016, Bloomsbury
704 pages, 5/5 stars

WARNING: While this contains no spoilers for Empire of Storms, there will be references to some of the events in previous books in the series.

I can’t even begin to describe how the latest instalment in the Throne of Glass series has made me feel. There is still a lot of internal screaming going on, and I’m not sure when, or even if, that will stop…

Empire of Storms was truly a rollercoaster ride. I laughed, I cried, I seethed in anger. There were so many feelings, and there was A LOT of silent screaming. This gives you just a teeny tiny little indication as to what you’re in for.

There are quite a few additional perspectives to follow in Empire of Storms – I particularly loved being privy to Lysandra’s point of view; she is an absolutely perfect addition to the court of Aelin, our beloved ‘fire-breathing bitch queen’. And now that magic is back in the world, she shape-shifts A LOT – and it is AWESOME. She is rather terrifying, but in the best sort of way.

We learn even more about the depths of Aelin’s powers – and not just the magical. Some of her scenes with Rowan reminded me A LOT of A Court of Mist and Fury. *swoon*

Elide also really comes into her own as a character; she always felt a bit flat to me, but with her freedom comes the opportunity to develop her personality. I really loved her storyline in Empire of Storms (particularly her scenes with LORCAN!) and she comes pretty close to being one of my favourite characters. (With so many amazing characters in this series, even being close is an enormous achievement!)

The pacing of the book is perfect as always, keeping us on our toes, and culminating in an amazing ending which had me simultaneously wanting to fist-pump the air and curl up in a ball with my tears. I have never been so satisfied while also wanting to tear out my hair in frustration.

My one complaint is that one of my favourite characters didn’t feature anywhere near as much as I wanted him to (CHAOL, COME BACK!!!)… However, the characters Maas did focus on definitely distracted me in the moment. I really, really loved Manon – I’ve always loved her, but in Empire of Storms, she is truly EPIC.

This is a truly epic addition to the Throne of Glass series. For those of you disillusioned after Queen of Shadows, I can assure you that this book is a fantastic comeback. You won’t stop mulling over the events of this book; guessing what is to come will keep you entertained until the next book!

Thanks to Bloomsbury for this review copy!

empireofstormsThe long path to the throne has just begun for Aelin Galathynius.

As the kingdoms of Erilea fracture around her, enemies must become allies if Aelin is to keep those she loves from falling to the dark forces poised to claim her world. With war looming on all horizons, the only chance for salvation lies in a desperate quest that may mark the end of everything Aelin holds dear.

Will Aelin succeed in keeping her world from splintering, or will it all come crashing down?

This fifth instalment in the sensational New York Times bestselling series is the most thrilling yet and cannot be missed.

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