Weekly Recap September 2016 #3

Weekly Recap September 2016 #3

Only three books this week (12th September – 18th September)! I REALLY need to pick up my game – my TBR is never going to be finished at this rate. Hahahaha! (It makes me want to cry when I look at it – it’s just soooooo big!) I absolutely adored Frogkisser – it isn’t out until February, but I need everyone to buy it. Because it is the best, and Garth is awesome (and has incredible skin…).

fullsizerenderFrogkisser – Garth Nix (Australian author) (5 stars)

This book was just incredible. Although YA, it will be suitable for a slightly younger audience too. Princess Anya has to go on a quest. Her sister’s prince has been turned into a frog! But Princess Morven is fickle and her attentions drift quickly. So it’s up to Anya to find all the ingredients to create a special lip balm. This book is just totally hysterical, and very very clever. I loved every moment and will be rereading it for years to come.

The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter – David Colbert (3 stars)

I remember absolutely adoring this book when I was young, but it hasn’t aged well. I bought the updated version out of interest – and because somehow I lost two copies of the original. (This is still one of the weirdest things that has happened to me – I NEVER lose books, and I somehow lost two of the same book?!?!) It was still interesting to delve back into the myths behind the Potterverse, but it wasn’t as detailed as I recalled. Some things you shouldn’t reread as an adult… 😦


Swarm – Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan & Deborah Biancotti (Australian authors) (4 stars)

I really liked Zeroes – what’s not to love about superheroes with weird, annoying powers? In Swarm, the Zeroes crew is back. They discover that there are more teenagers like them – with wacky, sort-of useful but not really powers. And then there’s Swarm – he is powerful and dangerous, determined to destroy other Zeroes. Christmas has pretty much been destroyed at this point… Scam is still my favourite character, though Nate impresses me a lot in this book. The story was a little bit slow to start, but it gets more and more exciting, culminating in an epic finale which has me desperately craving Book 3!

What have you been reading this week? 

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