Stealing Snow Blog Tour

Stealing Snow Blog Tour

Thank you so much to Bloomsbury Australia for a review copy of Stealing Snow, and for including me in this blog tour! Danielle Paige, the author, answered a few questions for me, and I am hosting my blog’s FIRST EVER giveaway over on Rafflecopter (sadly open to Australian residents ONLY)! Enter the giveaway here, or buy your copy from Booktopia!

daniellepaigeQ&A with Danielle Paige

If you could play a role in any fairytale which would it be?

Other than Snow or Dorothy, Maleficent, hands down! She was the first villain I fell in love with!

Who is your favourite character from Stealing Snow?

Impossible. I love all my character babies! I have a special place in my heart for Gerde. She has a bit of the Disney princess vibe, sings to animals…but something darker beats beneath the sweetness and light.

Does your writing process change depending on the story? In what ways was writing Stealing Snow new to you?

I always, always outline. But I think I departed more from the outline in Stealing Snow than in any of the Dorothy Must Die books. Baum wrote so many Oz books, and I had so much of the Oz canon to play with. But the Snow Queen fairy tale is a slim one, so I felt even less tethered to the source material. There was a lot more freedom in writing Snow. And also, Dorothy Must Die was my very first fantasy book, so I had a huge learning curve for writing fantasy.

What’s your favourite quote or scene from Stealing Snow?fullsizerender

The Robber Boy, Jagger tells Snow, “We breathe out the lies, we stutter the truth.” There are so many secrets in Algid and in the world in which Snow grows up. On top of being a fantasy, Stealing Snow is also a mystery. Snow has to unravel the truth about herself and her family and all of Algid.

Why are fairytales important? What do you love most about them?

I think there’s a reason why they have lasted and been retold and reimagined for so many years. At their hearts they are about magic, love, the dance between good and evil, and the pursuit of happily ever after. I think those themes are universal, and I am so very lucky and happy to be contributing to that tradition. And my six-year-old self who was obsessed with fairytales would be so very excited to know that I now write them!

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Stealing Snow – Danielle Paige
28th September 2016, Bloomsbury Australia
384 pages, 3/5 stars

StealingSnowThis book was an interesting mish-mash of Snow White and the Ice Queen. The main character, Snow, has spent most of her life inside a mental hospital and has quirkily named all of her different medications after the seven dwarves.

Snow sees a different world inside reflective surfaces such as mirrors – a world covered in snow and ice. And then a boy arrives, and he leads her to the world of her imagination. There is so much deception, so many plot twists – who is on Snow’s side?

This book kept me guessing until the very end! And with three love interests, there’s a book boyfriend for everyone. (I liked the roguish, thief type. Yum!)

Want a copy of Stealing Snow? Don’t leave without entering the giveaway over here.

Do you like fairytale retellings? What are some of your favourites?


2 thoughts on “Stealing Snow Blog Tour

  1. Danielle sounds so lovely!

    My favourite “retellings” author is Rosamund Hodge, and I feel like Marissa Meyer nailed her interpretations anf retellings. Need all the retellings!

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