Stacking the Shelves #30

Stacking the Shelves #30

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where book enthusiasts can show off their newest additions to their collection!

fullsizerenderI didn’t add too many to the pile this week (16-22 October), thank goodness. It almost killed me when it fell over the other day! Yikes! And with Christmas coming up, I know that my TBR is only going to grow, and grow, and grow! Buy any of these books for yourself from Booktopia.


  • Echidnas Can’t Cuddle – Nieta Manser

It rhymes and I felt so bad for the little echidna that I could not leave this picture book behind in the shop. SO ADORABLE!

  • Girt – David Hunt

A humorous account of Australian history. It has won heaps of awards and I met the author this week so my copy is SIGNED! 😀


  • Messy – Tim Harford

I needed to bring this one home with me to prove to my Mum that it can be good to be messy. It’s supposed to make me more creative… Not sure it really works that way for me though….

  • The Song From Somewhere Else – A.F Harrold & Levi Pinfold (illustrator)

Truly, truly divine. I loved A.F Harrold’s The Imaginary and was thrilled when this appeared on my desk! It is a great story about friendship and standing up for yourself. Will definitely be reviewing it sometime soon. Too lovely not to!

What did you add to your shelves this week?


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