Weekly Recap October 2016 #5

Weekly Recap October 2016 #5

Another slightly slow week – it was my last week of university classes EVER! And then I had a very busy Halloween weekend, so not a lot of reading happened sadly…. Buy any of these marvellous books from Booktopia!

Red Spikes – Margo Lanagan (Australian author) (4 stars)

This is a truly wonderful collection of short stories by one of the loveliest authors I have ever met – she co-authors the Zeroes series with Deborah Biancotti and Scott Westerfeld. While some of the stories in this collection weren’t my cup of tea, others were just completely and utterly divine. I especially loved Monkey’s Paternoster, – about a monkey leader dying and the takeover of the group – A Feather in the Breast of God – about a little budgie who comes back to life to save a member of his family – and Under Hell, Over Heaven – a story set in a purgatory world. In the acknowledgments, Margo credits certain sources for her ideas. I really liked getting an insight into the creative process – so interesting. After reading Red Spikes, I have added Margo’s other collections to my wishlist, and will definitely be purchasing them the next time I need short stories!


Disruption – Jessica Shirvington (Australian author) (4 stars)

I will definitely be reviewing this book soon, in conjunction with its sequel Corruption. It’s an incredibly interesting dystopian. In this world, pheromones rule – you wear a device on your wrist that decides how well you rate with the people around you. Maggie Stevens is the baddest bad-ass (aside from Celaena Sardothien) and she really made me want to learn martial arts. She manipulates everyone around her through blackmail – she is AWESOME! Not going to say too much more here because I could go on for days!

The Old Man of the Moon – Shen Fu (4 stars)

This was a really sweet love story! A Chinese offical tells the tale of his love for his wife, now deceased. Hauntingly beautiful.

The Maldive Shark – Herman Melville (3 stars)

After reading (and struggling a little) through Melville’s short stories and poems about sea life, I’m not sure I will ever be strong enough to progress to Moby Dick! Interesting, but the language was a bit tricky…

What did you read this week?


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