Mini Reviews – 2016’s BEST Picture Books

Mini Reviews – 2016’s BEST Picture Books

I have a lot to do with children’s books through my work. And this is how I discovered two of my favourite books of the year, which just happen to be picture books – A Child of Books and Somewhere Else. I included the end pages and a teeny illustration from each book in the photographs so you understand why you NEED these books on your shelf!

Child of Books – Oliver Jeffers & Sam Winstonimg_6763
1st September 2016, Walker Books Australia
40 pages, 5/5 stars

This is the greatest gift you can give any book lover, of any age. The title character, the child of books, encourages a little boy to follow her – to sail on a sea of words, to climb mountains of make-believe, and to sleep on clouds of song. The illustrations are absolutely incredible – Sam Winston has created amazing landscapes using words from children’s classics to host Oliver Jeffers’ characters. Nothing I say will ever do this book justice, so make sure you get a copy for yourself – every bookshelf needs A Child of Books. I bought a copy signed by both authors!!! (There are still some signed copies at Booktopia!)

img_6768Somewhere Else – Gus Gordon
31st October 2016, Penguin Books Australia

32 pages, 5/5 stars

Somewhere Else is the story of George Laurent, a bird who doesn’t like to travel like other birds. There is always something more important to do – like baking, or ironing, or yoga! It gets a bit lonely in winter though… Luckily Pascal Lombard, a bear, turns up and keeps him company. And then he gets to the root of George’s disinclination to go anywhere – he doesn’t know how to fly! Together they come up with a plan to help George explore the world! It’s so cute – all of it! And George wears a divine little hat in all of the illustrations!

What is your favourite picture book?

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