Weekly Recap December 2016 #1

Weekly Recap December 2016 #1

Eight books this week! I’m a bit concerned that I won’t reach my Goodreads goal… Might just need to find some short books to read in the coming weeks! Make sure to check out Booktopia if you want any of these for yourselves!

Strange the Dreamer – Laini Taylor (5 stars)

fullsizerenderEvery sentence is a work of art. I found the story itself the teeniest bit predictable, but I was too pleased with the beauty of the telling to care too much. Strange is the book boyfriend I need in my life forever more.

Illusions of Fate – Kiersten White (4 stars)

This was an unexpectedly gorgeous story about a young girl who is drawn into a magical world. It is a bit romancey, but the side characters were just incredible. I especially loved Sir Crow – a bird who is also a book. And Emma – a very gossipy young lady, who is also a very loyal friend.

Hunted – Meagan Spooner (5 stars)

Woah; just woah. This is the best Beauty and the Beast retelling I have EVER read. Yeva and her sisters must move to their father’s hunting cabin when his fortune is lost. While there, her father becomes obsessed with a Beast, and he drives himself mad hunting it. Only, it is Yeva who discovers the Beast, who is captured by him, who must fulfil a quest for him. The story is told mostly in the third-person perspective of Yeva, (who is awesome and very rarely stupid like many fictional heroines) but also in short first-person diary entries from the Beast. It is sooooooo good; it isn’t out until March but I will be shouting about its brilliance from the rooftops!


The Beast Within – Serena Valentino (4 stars)
Poor Unfortunate Soul – Serena Valentino (3 stars)

These were pretty good, but they weren’t based purely on the Beast and Ursula. There was an overarching storyline about three witchy triplets searching for their little sister – however, I wasn’t satisfied with that ending; I was hoping for more, especially something about Maleficent who is mentioned but not in much detail…

The Surgeon of Crowthorne – Simon Winchester (3 stars)

fullsizerenderA really interesting read about one of the major contributors to the Oxford English Dictionary; a former American doctor housed in an English asylum. The writing felt a bit stilted, but the story was fantastic!

Resurrection Science – M. R. O’Connor (3 stars)

Less about how to bring extinct animals back to life, and more about conservation efforts and the ethics behind them. It was very interesting, but not what I was expecting. Nor what I wanted – I want to know how possible it really is to bring extinct creatures back. Still a very intriguing read though!

Reckoning – Magda Szubanski (Australian author) (5 stars)

This story was just wonderful, and I would strongly recommend the audio narrated by Magda herself. It is just an incredible autobiography, raw and true, and it is immediately obvious why it is an award-winner. Just fantastic. Definitely one of this year’s top picks.

What did you read this week?


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