Weekly Recap December 2016 #4

Weekly Recap December 2016 #4

Six books this week (19th – 25th December) – I’ve been a bit slack over the holiday weekend. I’m a teeny bit concerned about reaching my Goodreads goal of 366 books for the year! Audio books have been amazing; I really can’t believe I never got into them before November. And I might get into some graphic novels next week to ensure I reach my goal. If you want any of these for yourselves, please check them out at Booktopia!

The Road to Ever After – Moira Young (3 stars)

This was an incredibly cute middle grade fiction about a young orphan boy, Davy David, who is hired to drive an elderly recluse, Miss Flint, back to her birthplace before she dies. It’s a crazy journey, and an unlikely friendship. A really lovely story about life and death for children.


Fight Like a Girl – Clementine Ford (Australian author) (3.5 stars)

I feel that I didn’t get as much out of this book as I could have had I read it rather than listened. It was still a fantastic account of being a woman in the world, and struggling with the problems that requires us to face. I loved the manifesto element, and would definitely like to reread this book in its physical format.

The Archived – Victoria Schwab (4 stars)

This was a really intriguing concept. Imagine that there is a library where the dead are stored, as Histories, their memories information to be kept safe. Imagine that there are Keepers, tasked with chasing down escaped Histories. Mackenzie Bishop is one such Keeper. She chases down Histories in any spare time she has. But there are more escapees recently – why? And who are the strange boys she keeps running into? The action, the plot, the overall concept – I loved it all! Not sure if I want to read the sequel anytime soon though, because I can’t find any information about when the third might possibly come out…

The Hanging Tree – Ben Aaronovitch (3.5 stars)

I love this series, and was super excited to jump back into the world of PC Peter Grant. This book was sooooo much better than Foxglove Summer, but it felt like it had been rushed through the editing process – there were a whole stack of spelling, grammatical, and punctuational errors which made the flow of the novel quite stilted. That said, the story was still excellent, and they finally get somewhere in the fight against The Faceless Man!


Finding Wonders – Jeannine Atkins (4 stars)

A beautiful verse novel about three women who changed science. Maria Merian studied metamorphosis and documented her findings in stunning paintings of the life cycles of insects. Mary Anning collected stone sea creatures from cliffs – you may know her from the rhyme ‘Mary sells sea shells by the sea shore’. And Maria Mitchell stared at the stars, longing to discover a new comet. I didn’t know about these women, but I am so glad I now do. Their stories need to be told, so that we understand the impact female scientists have had, despite not being properly lauded in the history books.

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) – Felicia Day (4 stars)

Audio is definitely the best way to listen to celebrity biographies. Felicia Day is just so endearing, even more so when she is telling her own story! I knew her vaguely as the geeky character in a few episodes of Supernatural, and really liked her, but didn’t know much beyond that. Now, I think she is totally incredible and I will be seeking out everything I can, especially her web-series, The Guild.

What did you read this week?


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