2016 Recap + 2017 Resolutions – The Book Addict

2016 Recap + 2017 Resolutions – The Book Addict


2016 was a big year! I read 366 books, wrote 154 blog posts, and had 4, 148 views (an increase of over one thousand!). My most popular blog posts were Yellow, Small Things, and The Sidekicks

How did I do on my 2016 resolutions? What can I improve on in 2017?

I wanted to join a library, and I did! I joined two, in fact! Sadly, I have been working or at uni six-seven days a week all year, and haven’t had much time to actually make it to the library… Probably not a bad thing, given that I am nowhere close to achieving my second resolution: Complete the TBR pile. It is still enormous, and has moved to the top of the list for 2017.

I aimed to schedule more blog posts, be more active on social media, and follow more bloggers. These didn’t eventuate to the extent that I wanted them to. I have been very time-poor and have only generally managed two posts a week – a Stacking the Shelves, and a Weekly Recap. In 2017, I want to get back to reviewing books in detail. I did, however, stick to the goal of using categories and tags on all of my new posts, even if I didn’t go back through the old ones!

I GOT A BOOKSHELF AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I want to change things around already though… Is that a common thing when you have pretty shelves?

I didn’t get through many reading challenges, excluding my own Goodreads goal. I would like to try one for 2017 though – does anyone have any suggestions? I wanted to use Goodreads a little bit more, shelving-wise, but didn’t have much luck. I’m not sure if I want to include it as a goal this year – I’ll see how it goes!

As far as reading more full series goes? HA! I laugh in my own face. No such luck there. Maybe with a stronger focus on finishing the TBR this will happen??

Buuuutttt, I did so many wonderful things that weren’t on the list. I made firm friends within the book community, and I got a job which has given me so many opportunities in the book industry.

My beautiful new bookshelf

In 2017, I want to focus on what makes me happy. 2016 was a hard year for me personally, as it was for many. And so, in 2017, I am making the decision to ‘Choose Happy’. This is on the spectacular advice of Ellie, a good friend, who demanded to be quoted as the inspiration. My year of choosing happy includes cutting back on my working hours by quitting one of my jobs, and taking a holiday that involves some kind of bookish fun (maybe to BookCon in America, or to work as a Tumbleweed at Shakespeare and Company in Paris).

I want to un-haul a lot of books to make room for new ones. I want to get a new bookshelf, because my current one is STILL too small for the vast quantity of books I possess. I want to comment on people’s blog posts more often. Though at the same time, I want to spend less time checking social media – has anyone had success setting aside blocks of time in which to use their social accounts instead of grazing throughout the day? (GIVE ME YOUR TIPS!) I would also like to get into the habit of spending fifteen-twenty minutes every day blogging.

I also want to focus more of my reading on Australian authors – until Australia Day (January 26th), I will be exclusively reading books written by Australians.

In my personal life, I want to learn to cook more meals and contribute to the family cooking a lot more. I also want to find the time to squeeze in a personal trainer, and finally sort out the problems I have with my shoulder.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?



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