Weekly Recap February 2017 #3

Weekly Recap February 2017 #3

Seven books this week! Progressing slowly through my enormous TBR. No five-star reads this week, but a nice mix. Books for Living was a favourite, as was This Is How It Always Is. I was also impressed with Storyland and Witch Town, both books I enjoyed a lot more than I expected to! If any of these tickle your fancy, check out Booktopia!

Wonderstruck – Brian Selznick (4 stars)

Another wonderful book by Brian Selznick, switching between words and images to tell a tale. This one is a fascinating insight into the world of the Deaf community. It’s an incredible story about a little girl finding her place in the world, and a little boy discovering where he came from. Just gorgeous!


Boy Meets Boy – David Levithan (2.5 stars)

A love story. Paul meets Noah, but it isn’t quite that easy. Not everyone is as confident in their identity as Paul is. Not everyone sees right and wrong in the same way. Which tends to make things difficult for all involved. I just couldn’t get invested in the lives of these characters, especially after absolutely loving every aspect of Levithan’s Two Boys Kissing.

Books for Living – Will Schwalbe (4 stars)

I love books about books, and this one was fabulous. It’s a sort of memoir, as Will Schwalbe works through the lessons he has learned from certain books. I was intrigued, and I have definitely added a few of his suggestions to my own wishlist. I’m most interested in The Importance of Living by Lin Yutang.

This Is How It Always Is – Laurie Frankel (3.5 stars)

What a book. Rosie and Penn have four boys, and they decide to try for a little girl one last time. It’s another boy, Claude. But when he starts school, Claude tells everyone that he’d like to grow up to be a girl. And just like that, the family rallies and changes. It’s a really lovely book, and it offers a brilliant perspective on children with gender dysphoria. I found it very enlightening, and would definitely recommend it.


Podkin One Ear – Kieran Larwood (3 stars)

A little middle-grade story about a very heroic rabbit. Only, he didn’t start out as a hero. Podkin and his siblings are the only two from their warren to escape the evil Gorm, terrifying half-rabbit/half-iron creatures. It was a fantastic story, with a fine balance between humour, action, and a healthy dose of fear. Really sweet, and I’d love to read the rest of the series when it comes out.

Storyland – Catherine McKinnon (Australian author) (3.5 stars)

It took me a while to get into this book, but once I did I enjoyed myself immensely. I particularly loved the book’s structure, cycling through different periods of Australian history. Each chapter finishes and begins in the middle of a sentence, highlighting the connection between past, present and future. It was fascinating to uncover the links between the different characters and their stories. Despite the slow start, by the end of this book I just wanted more!


Witch Town – Cory Putman Oakes (3 stars)

I enjoyed this book a lot more than I expected to! Macie and her mother move into town, but they aren’t there to settle down. They have big plans to rob Witch Town, then move on, just as they’ve done for as long as Macie can remember. I really liked the different levels of witch: Natural, and Learned. I liked that small pockets of the world had been carved out as havens to keep witches safe from persecution. And I loved the sheer number of twists and turns that Putman Oakes created. A really enjoyable, quick and easy read.

What did you read this week? Leave suggestions in the comments below!


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