Weekly Recap February 2017 #4

Weekly Recap February 2017 #4

Only six books this week – as much as I loved them both, The Secret Science of Magic and Truthwitch both took me quite a while to get through. I also finished my buddy read of The Gallagher Girls, finishing Books 5 and 6 this week. And then the token non-fiction, Insomniac City which was a fascinating memoir about a life and romance in New York.

Insomniac City – Bill Hayes (4 stars)

This was a truly delightful memoir. It’s a mix of Hayes’ photographs, his diary entries, and essay-like chapters about important moments. Hayes was the partner of Oliver Sacks, a fascinating neurologist whose books I absolutely adore. I picked up the book for that connection, but stayed for Bill Hayes’ gorgeous prose and thoughtful manner of writing. I loved that at its core, this book was a love affair with New York, a place where Hayes started a new chapter of his own.


Out of sight, out of time – Ally Carter (5 stars)

This book raised the intensity so high I almost couldn’t cope. It didn’t follow the normal structure of the rest of the series, being that it didn’t start at Gallagher Academy. Rather Cammie is in a convent in Europe, high up in the mountains; she has absolutely no memory of the past few months. It’s pretty scary how messed up things become, but I loved it!

Lips Touch Three Times – Laini Taylor (2.5 stars)

Definitely not my favourite Laini Taylor (not least because I hate the cover…). It was three short stories, focused on kissing (sort of). They all had roots in mythology; I liked the goblin market retelling the most. The illustrated sections were awesome; I actually preferred them to the written stories, but it was pretty cool to see the ways in which they linked together. I found that I had to force myself to finish the final story… But it is now off my TBR, plus this copy is actually signed to my sister and myself which is pretty exciting!

The Secret Science of Magic – Melissa Keil (Australian author)(4 stars)

I haven’t read anything else by Melissa Keil, but I want to now. This is a story of two HSC students – Sophia is a prodigy, panicking about her future (most prodigies don’t really do all that much after high school and university…); Joshua loves magic tricks, and is a bit of a loner at school. Joshua notices Sophia, and wants her to notice him. And she does, but the first rule of magic is perfect timing, and Joshua may not have that skill down just yet… It was really cute, and I loved the ending, which highlights the sheer quantity of possibilities awaiting an individual.


Truthwitch – Susan Dennard (4 stars)

This book was a little bit slow to start but once I got into it, I was well and truly involved. I love every character, I love the magic system, I love the world. I can’t wait to read Windwitch – I’m just a tiny bit disappointed that the whole series isn’t out. But seriously, read this book – it’s fabulous. Safi and Merik are both sassy as all get out and Iseult is gorgeous. And just everyone – I love them all!

United we spy – Ally Carter (4 stars)

I am so sad that this series is over! It was a brilliant, highly charged ending, but I do wish there were more. Luckily, a friend has sourced the epilogues which appear at the end of some editions so it gets to go on for a little longer! A wonderful series that I would recommend to everybody. Can’t wait to get started on Ally Carter’s The Heist Society books!


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