Weekly Recap March 2017 #2

Weekly Recap March 2017 #2

FullSizeRenderOnly four books this week + the Illuminae audiobook! I’m never going to get through my TBR at this rate. (Aside from the obvious reason, that I accumulate WAAAAAYYYY too many books…)

It was also a little bit of a lacklustre week – not much astounded me. I struggled with Radiance; it just took me so long to read. And so did Into Thin Air – even though I enjoyed both books, I was much slower reading them than I tend to be!

Grab any of the following that take your fancy for yourselves at Booktopia!

In the Dark, In the Woods – Eliza Wass (3 stars)

Father wants Castley and her five siblings to hide away from the world. Father says they are destined to be together for ever. In heaven. Father says the sooner they get there the better. But Castley wants to be normal.

This was a pretty intriguing, fast mystery about a family with an overbearing, zealot father. I had so many questions about the weird religious cult the family has created around their own circumstances. Most were answered, but some were not. I still enjoyed the book, but it isn’t one I would pick up again.


Radiance – Catherynne M. Valente (2 stars)

Severin Unck makes documentaries; for her latest, she has headed to the planet of Venus to investigate the disappearance of a diving colony there. But something goes wrong, and her crew come home without her. Can the snippets that remain of Severin be pieced together to tell the story of her life?

I picked this one up because its premise sounded like a sci-fi version of The Life and Death of Sophie Stark, a book I really enjoyed. But Radiance was incredibly slow, and very confusing. It isn’t set in the future, but in a past where movie studios decided to set up on the moon. I think I would have enjoyed the book more had it been set in the future. I got really invested by the end, but left dissatisfied. I still really liked the format – the story was told in film scripts, interviews, radio programs, but I just didn’t like the story itself very much…

Illuminae – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff (Australian authors) (5 stars)

I have read this book before, and adored it for its unique format. I had heard much praise about the audio recording of it, and when it was FINALLY available in Australia, I bought it on Audible. It was absolutely incredible, a truly excellent way to continue exploring this fantastic story, and retaining the fun of the format. There was a huge cast, amazing special effects, and some really creepy moments. I personally still think they work best as companions, and would not recommend one over the other. But it was still absolutely excellent.

Into Thin Air – Jon Krakauer (3 stars)

A really fascinating insight into the Everest disaster of 1996. I knew absolutely nothing about this, but a friend strongly recommended the book to me. (Over a year ago! Oops!) I found the beginning very slow, where Krakauer discusses the technicalities of climbing, but as soon as they began the actual climb, I was hooked. It was incredibly interesting, and also devastating. I liked that the chapters were kept short – it helps me stay focused when reading non-fiction. I would definitely recommend this book.


Bone Gap – Laura Ruby (2 stars)

I still don’t really know how I feel about this book. I absolutely love the cover – bees are just awesome. But the story just didn’t work for me. A girl has been kidnapped and the only witness to the kidnap is a boy who doesn’t recognise faces. That is an interesting story, and the one I would have been happy to read. However, the story didn’t stay in the real world, and teetered on the brink of a magical world. That wasn’t my cup of tea. I liked the characters a lot, but was just really thrown by the slim line between real and unreal.

What have you been reading this week?


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