Weekly Recap March 2017 #3

Weekly Recap March 2017 #3

Another slack week… Must do better if I’m to defeat the TBR! Five books, and one of those was a Little Black Classic! It was a good mix though – a non-fiction, an anthology, a middle-grade, and a YA. And I enjoyed these reads a lot more than I did last week’s! Sadly, I didn’t include any Aussie authors… Will have to change that for next week. Grab a copy of any of these options for yourselves from Booktopia. 🙂

The Rose & the Dagger – Renée Ahdieh (3.5 stars)

I think I liked this more than the first one! It was really a really great sequel, with some really intriguing characters, and some massive heartache. I loved that Ahdieh wasn’t afraid to kill some of her darlings, even if it hurt my soul…


A Hippo Banquet – Mary Kingsley (2.5 stars)

Mary Kingsley sounds like a fascinating woman – a rare Victorian female explorer in Africa. However, the old-fashioned language and the racism turned me off her journal. Some scenes were evoked beautifully, but sometimes it felt like I was wading through quicksand…

Drink – Ann Dowsett Johnston (3 stars)

This was a really incredible insight into the relationship women have with alcohol and the prevalence of addiction amongst females. I learned so much, and was particularly interested to discover that the spirits industry made its mark by advertising specifically to women. It was a hard read, and confronting, but definitely worthwhile. It has made me reassess my own drinking habits, which have definitely changed for the worse since starting my new job.

A Tyranny of Petticoats – Edited by Jessica Spotswood (2 stars)

I really really wanted to enjoy this anthology about American women through history, written by American women. However, I found very little to enjoy within these pages. My favourite story was that by Marissa Meyer about the goldfields; it had a bit of a murder mystery to it, and a girl who could talk to ghosts. I just struggled majorly with the rest of them… I literally had to force myself to keep going.


The Wind Singer – William Nicholson (3 stars)

I read and adored this series when I was a kid. I remembered it as being a bit like The Giver, and it is, right at the beginning. Then it diverges big time. In a city where families are promoted or demoted based on their performance in a yearly examination, the Hath family doesn’t fit in. They don’t want to be judged anymore, especially Kess. Together with her twin, Bo, and their sort-of friend Mumpo, they undertake a journey to find the voice of the Wind Singer, a structure at the heart of their city which is said to bring peace with its song. It wasn’t quite as amazing as I remember it being, but still incredibly enjoyable and a worthwhile addition to any shelf.

What did you read this week?


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