Weekly Recap May 2017 #2

Weekly Recap May 2017 #2

MORE SLUMPING! I just didn’t feel like reading at all this week… Instead, I have been completely consumed by the new Ed Sheeran album – it’s just soooooooo good! (I’m not normally a music person, so this is pretty strange….) Two graphic novels, a memoir and a fiction – my worst week in a looooonnnnggggg time!

One Week in the Library – W. Maxwell Prince, John Amor, Kathryn Layno (3 stars)

This was a total title buy – anything to do with libraries and bookshops makes me swoon! It was a little bit denser than the graphic novels I usually read, but still really good. It had a mix of genres and techniques – I liked when almost an entire short story was printed in amongst the comic panels! I wasn’t a fan of the ending – the author inserts himself into the story to speak to the character, but overall it was a fun read!


The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley – Hannah Tinti (3 stars)

My book club book this month! Samuel Hawley and his daughter Loo have settled in Olympus, Massachusetts, after years spent living on the run. Loo struggles at school and with questions of her past – what happened to her mother? The book has an interesting structure with the present-day story intersected by the tales of Samuel Hawley’s twelve bullet scars. I loved the structure, and the stories of Samuel’s scars. I liked the present-day narrative less, and detested the ending. However, this was definitely not the case for most of my book club friends – they quite liked the ambiguity of the final chapter. And my favourite scene was actually from the present-day narrative – Loo’s boyfriend draws the solar system on her body; it’s romantic, a bit strange, and a bit sexual. But I loved it – romance me like this! 😛

What Language Do I Dream In? – Elena Lappin (3.5 stars)

I picked this book up from the library because I am fascinated by polyglots! It wasn’t what I was expecting, but fascinating nonetheless. Elena Lappin has lived in many countries, and picked up many languages – those of her parents, her grandparents, her partner, her children. It was a tale more of family and history than it was of language, but it is language which threads its way through each of her relationships and her memories. Really interesting, though slow-going (pretty sure that’s because of the slump though…)


Unfollow: 140 Characters – Bob Williams, Mike Dowling, R.M. Guéra, Quinton Winter, Giulia Brusco (4 stars)

I read this graphic novel late at night while stuck in a dodgy part of town with a flat tyre. I recommend that you don’t follow my example. This is a creepy graphic novel where 140 people have been chosen to inherit a muti-billionaire’s fortune. But there’s a catch – if someone dies, they get more. Creepy as hell, but also really interesting; I’m excited to see where the next volume goes.

What have you been reading this week?


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