Weekly Recap May 2017 #4

Weekly Recap May 2017 #4

Five books read this week; it has been insanely busy, and I am even too tired to read! Absolutely loved Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody – I can’t wait to see the finished version with illustrations! The Potion Diaries was also a nice surprise – I definitely enjoyed it much more than I thought I would!

Cinnamon – Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Divya Srinivasan (3 stars)

Really cute little Indian folktale retold by Neil Gaiman. The illustrations by Divya Srinivasan are absolutely delightful! While it is very cute, I didn’t connect with the story and found myself more confused than entertained…


Miss Treadway & the Field of Stars – Miranda Emmerson (3 stars)

An historical fiction about a missing actress. Anna Treadway worked for Lanny Green and needs to discover what happened to her when she suddenly disappeared after a show. Covering issues such as racism and sexism, and the stigma of abortion and pregnancy in unmarried women, this book touched me more than I thought it would. It was easy to read, but was definitely not light fiction.

Daughter of the Burning City – Amanda Foody (5 stars)

A really fantastic book about Sorina, a teenage girl with no eyes, who creates incredible illusions. Her strongest illusions are those she created as her family; she believes them to be merely figments of her imagination, albeit ones that other people can see. Then one of her crew is murdered – something that should never have been possible. When murders continue, she becomes afraid and determined to discover why this is happening. The setting of Gomorrah, a travelling city, reminded me of the Night Circus, though darker and weirder. It was evocative and wonderful and the mystery was a great thread throughout. The ARC I read was not illustrated, but the final version will have drawings of Sorina’s illusions and I can’t wait to see them. A really gripping story with a fascinating setting.

American Blood – Ben Sanders (NZ author) (2 stars)

An undercover cop operation went wrong and Marshall has been pushed into the witness protection program. But he still wants to help and keeps putting himself in danger. This book is probably great for people who love cop shows, especially those about corrupt and/or undercover cops! Unfortunately I am not one of those people and struggled to get through this book…


The Potion Diaries – Amy Alward (4 stars)

I thought that I might dislike this book, but I really enjoyed myself! Just goes to show why we should read widely and outside our traditional likes. The princess has poisoned herself with a love potion and a Wilde Hunt has been called. The best alchemists and potion-makers have been tasked with finding a cure. Samantha Kemi, a high-schooler, is a perfect competitor, but her grandfather doesn’t want her to compete. The media follows every move the competitors make, and Samantha is struggling to conceal her feelings for another contestant, who is also the princess’ best friend… I liked the weird mishmash between the old world and the modern, and the fun pacing of the competition. The love story felt a little forced, but I don’t like romance much anyway! Overall, a fun read!

What have you been reading this week?


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