Weekly Recap June 2017 #2

Weekly Recap June 2017 #2

Didn’t do well this week… I was slumping a little bit. But I did catch up on some Australian authors – it’s been a while since I read so many in such a short time! I was pleasantly surprised by Graeme Simsion’s new book – I wasn’t expecting amazing things after the incredible The Rosie Project. I also continued with my adventures into the Harry Potter audio books, and read two YA offerings. 🙂 But nothing really stood out for me this week (aside from Harry Potter which is incredible as always)!

IMG_0164Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – J.K. Rowling (Narrated by Stephen Fry) (5 stars)

This is my favourite of the Harry Potter books – Sirius Black is my favourite fictional character of all time. I might have written fanfiction specifically so that I could write myself as his girlfriend… Stephen Fry again brings the magic to life with his voice; the only person I would like more is David Attenborough. Hehehehe! If you haven’t experienced the Harry Potter series in this format, I highly recommend them, especially for solo car trips.

The Best of Adam Sharp – Graeme Simsion (Australian author) (3 stars)

I wasn’t expecting great things – I just didn’t think Graeme Simsion could live up to the hype for a book that isn’t in The Rosie Project universe. But I was very pleasantly surprised. The book did talk about music quite a lot, in detail, and it was primarily about a dissatisfied middle-aged man embarking on a sordid affair – not the recipe for something I might enjoy. And yet the writing was comic and warm and I grew to like Adam Sharp and his story. A very entertaining weekend read.


Queens of Geek – Jen Wilde (Australian author) (3 stars)

I was expecting really great things from Queens of Geek, and while I liked the story immensely, the writing style needed work. It’s set at a convention, where fans can be themselves and run riot. The protagonists are Charlie, a bisexual YouTube star falling for a girl for the first time, and Taylor, who suffers from anxiety but decides to join a fan contest to meet her favourite author, even though it means facing her fears. It was a really sweet story, but it read a little bit like unedited fanfiction. I struggled to find a flow. Still very very sweet, and perfect for fangirls who love reading about fellow con-goers.

Special – Georgia Blain (Australian author) (2 stars)

Fern Marlowe is alone, her identity wiped and new one issued. She has fallen from grace; once a private school girl in a wealthy suburb, a prodigy designed to be perfect, she now works as a refuse sorter in a dodgy part of town. I liked the premise of the novel; the idea of designer babies really intrigues me, as do questions of nature versus nurture which this book touches on. People being owned by corporations is also an interesting idea which pops up in dystopian fiction. However, as a novel I found this lacking. Fern was not a great narrator, and there was a ton of ambiguity which was left unresolved and irked me. I found it didn’t break new ground, but instead felt like many YA dystopian novels I have read before.

What have you been reading this week?


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