Weekly Recap September 2017 #4

Weekly Recap September 2017 #4

IMG_2633 2It wasn’t a bad reading week at all, though it felt slow while it was happening! Some of them were pretty skinny though! Favourites were Wayfarer and The Subtle Knife!

The Subtle Knife – Philip Pullman (5 stars)

HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT WILL? He was basically my first crush and I kind of forgot about him completely! HOW? Anyway, this book is glorious and wonderful and I encourage EVERYBODY to read the series. Audio is a fabulous way to get into it, but so are the books!

In the Midst of Winter – Isabel Allende (3 stars)

This book started off as a tale of unlikely friends. I kind of thought it would be a romance between lonely, elderly people, but then a dead body turned up and it was suddenly a murder mystery! With a lot of information about life in South America, and the reasons people might need to escape, this book was interesting and created well-rounded characters. I did feel that the story left a little bit to be desired though…

FullSizeRender 77

Wayfarer – Alexandra Bracken (4 stars)

YAY! A friend of mine HATED this book and so I have been putting it off for ages! However, I adored it. It took me a while to remember the events of Passenger but once I got into it, I was hooked. Sophia is a great sort-of villain. I still don’t really like Etta though… Thought it was great, even with its huge size!

A Tragic Kind of Wonderful – Eric Lindstrom (3 stars)

I really liked Eric Lindstrom’s Not If I See You First so thought that I would give this one a try. Mel Hannigan is struggling. She is dealing with grief, the loss of her three closest friendships, and a mental illness she can’t even bring herself to tell her friends about. I really liked the representation of bipolar; I found it very accessible. I would be interested in seeing #ownvoices reviews of this book, however. I just felt that this book lacked hope, which made it a sad read for me. What I liked so much about Not If I See You First was the humour and the hope that permeated the story, and I definitely missed it in A Tragic Kind of Wonderful. It was still a lovely story though and it brought me to tears1

Nyxia – Scott Reintgen (3 stars)

Emmett agrees to leave Earth behind when Babel Communications offers him a fortune. He, and other exceptional teenagers, have been offered the chance of a lifetime – to go into deep space and mine an interesting new material called nyxia. On the journey through space, the teenagers are pitted against each other – they have to decide between fortune and morals. This was a really intriguing book, but it was veeeerrrryyyyy slooooowwww to start. Once I finally got into it, I was interested, but it took me a long time to get there. I’m also not 100% sure if this is a series I want to continue with…

FullSizeRender 45

The Furthest Station – Ben Aaronovitch (4 stars)

A PC Grant novella! I love the Rivers of London series – they’re a little bit trashy, but a lot of fun! I really liked this novella because it brought Peter Grant’s cousin Abigail into the limelight a little bit more. Together, she and PC Grant have to uncover a mystery about a missing woman – ghosts keep telling people about her, but the witnesses forget almost immediately… It was a cute little magical detective story, but it left me craving more!

What have you been reading this week?



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