Disappointing Sequels…

Disappointing Sequels…

DisappointingSequelsDo you ever get incredibly frustrated when you LOVE a book, can’t wait for the sequel and then it disappoints you?

I get this feeling a lot, so traditionally I’m rather slack at actually reading sequels when they come out…

But while I was away, I wanted to smash through a fair bit of my TBR, and so I determined to finally read a few of the sequels lying on my shelf.

One Dark Throne – Kendare Blake (3/5 stars)

Sequel to Three Dark Crowns, to which I gave a five star reviewback in August. I am still interested to read the rest of this series, and I am keeping all my fingers crossed that this book just has second-book curse (where the second book has to over explain things in preparation for book three and four – have you ever experienced this?) because I was not the biggest fan. Not only is the cover pretty dreadful after the great cover on the first, but I just couldn’t get into the story. There were some amazing reveals at the end of the first book, and I just felt they weren’t explored enough! I knew some things and I just wanted to know more things! (If that makes any sense at all!) The pacing of the story also bothered me. I may be wrong, but it felt like too much time was spent with a certain evil queen. (Not naming names because of first book spoilers.) I actually relished the opportunity to discover more about her character but despite the huge amount of time devoted to her, I still don’t think I learned anything new… However, the end was exciting and I look forward to seeing where Kendare Blake takes her characters next.

A Million Worlds With You – Claudia Gray (2/5 stars)

Third book in the Firebird trilogy. I reviewed A Thousand Pieces of You glowingly! Generally, you can’t go wrong with time travel. Buuuutttt this one did. I was bored. The fight between the Triad and our Marguerite was just tedious! I liked seeing some new multiverses, particularly the one where Marguerite and Paul were a young married couple with a baby (it was super cute) but overall I was underwhelmed. Gray also fell into a trope I detest where a character loses everything she has been fighting for, grieves it, and then it all works out in the end. If you make a character grieve, it has to be for real. No more fake deaths please. I did, however, also read Defy the Stars, the start of a new series by Claudia Gray set very far into the future which discusses AIs, another one of my fav sci-fi things! That, I enjoyed a lot and I’m excited for the sequel there. Hopefully, that sequel is better! 😛

The Crown’s Fate – Evelyn Skye (2/5 stars)

Sequel to The Crown’s Game, a book which reminded me heavily of one of my favourites, The Night Circus. The first book had incredible displays of magic, taking me out of my everyday into an extraordinary world. The sequel lacked all of those exciting magical touches, focusing much more on the political turmoil raging through this version of Russia. The characters who I had come to like in the first felt completely different and I just couldn’t connect with or bring myself to like or root for any of them. It was a quick read, but I was disappointed.

Which sequels have you been disappointed in? Does this happen to you a lot?



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