Weekly Recap October 2017 #2

Weekly Recap October 2017 #2

A terrible start to the week, with some two-star ratings, but it picked up fairly quickly. Unbecoming and P is for Pearl were incredible, gut-wrenching YA novels, Spill Zone was a great graphic novel, and I adored Death on the Nile, my second foray into Agatha Christie. But ten books in one week is not bad at all!

Adventures of a Compulsive Traveller – Dominic Dunne (Australian author) (2 stars)

I wanted a fantastic travel memoir, I got something that could have been written by a washed out politician. The only interesting thing I discovered from this book is that there is a museum in Croatia called The Museum of Broken Relationships – I definitely want to visit. However, I remember nothing about the rest of the places Dunne visited. I didn’t find his style engaging or humorous…

And Then You’re Dead: A Scientific Exploration of the World’s Most Interesting Ways to Die – Cody Cassidy & Paul Doherty (2 stars)

This felt like it was written for a child, but the content was quite adult. I am rather interesting in death and morbid things at the moment, but this book honestly bored me to tears… At least I know I can’t die from boredom?

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Unbecoming – Jenny Downham (4 stars) Read more

Stacking the Shelves #77

Stacking the Shelves #77

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where book enthusiasts can show off their newest additions to their collection!

I broke the ban for one book… OOPS! In my defence, it was pretty! And I accumulated another seven… ALSO OOPS! Where am I going to find the time to read all of these???

FullSizeRender 54Bought:

  • Witches of New York – Ami McKay

I BROKE THE BAN BECAUSE THIS BOOK IS SO PRETTY! I knew that the small paperback was coming out soon and sometimes that means a cover change and I LOVE THIS COVER so I wanted it in this edition… OOPS!

FullSizeRender 53Bookshop Job:

  • The Choke – Sofie Laguna
  • Two Steps Forward – Graeme Simsion & Anne Buist
  • How to Stop Time – Matt Haig

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Weekly Recap July 2017 #2

Weekly Recap July 2017 #2

Only five books this week, and one of them was super small! Favourite was absolutely Nevermoor – AMAZING! I was also pleasantly surprised by Living on Hope Street and Poison City. 🙂

Unearthed – Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner (3 stars)

Earth has intercepted a message from an alien race, and people are flocking to the ancient planet for various purposes. Mia is a scavenger, determined to find something worth enough money to buy her sister’s freedom back. Jules is an academic, whose purposes are slightly more noble – he wants to prove his genius mathematic father’s theories about the aliens right.

I struggled with Mia as a character – she was a bit of a bitch, but it was also understandable given her past circumstances. Jules, however, was a cute cinnamon roll and I loved him. The story itself was intriguing, though I’m not sure its pitch of Lara Croft x Indiana Jones was right. I also struggled with the writing a little bit – the pacing was a bit slow for an adventure story… But the ending was incredible and I need the next book ASAP. Being a Latin nerd, I was disappointed with the phrasing of a certain Latin phrase – I think it’s wrong. But if the authors have a Latin expert, I am happy to concede that my 10 years of study might not have been enough.


Living on Hope Street – Demet Divaroren (Australian author) (4 stars) Read more