Weekly Recap May 2017 #1

Weekly Recap May 2017 #1

I felt like I was slumping at the beginning of the week. It took me FOREVER to get through what should have been fairly easy reads for me… And the slump was so bad that I couldn’t even bring myself to start A Court of Wings and Ruin as soon as it landed in my lap…. Whyyyyyyyyy?? But I successfully made my way through five books, even if one was an audio, and one only had 100 pages left…

Sharp Ends – Joe Abercrombie (3.5 stars)

FullSizeRenderI am a pretty big fan of Joe Abercrombie, but I hadn’t yet devoured this collection of short stories. I also have a few of his books which I haven’t yet read… OOPS! The stories were a great reminder of how brilliant his writing is, but I think my enjoyment of them was severely affected by my slump. It has inspired me to read some more grimdark soon though – give me all the death and destruction NOW!

Notes From a Small Island: Journey Through Britain – Bill Bryson (2 stars)

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