Weekly Recap July 2017 #3

Weekly Recap July 2017 #3

Seven books this week! Yay for being back to one per day! The overall favourite this week was City of Brass – it was incredible, with vivid world-building and amazing plot twists! No truly dreadful books this week – The Wrong Girl was a bit trashy, but we all need that sometimes!

All Our Wrong Todays – Elan Mastai (4 stars)

A time travel book! Tom Barren is from a present where humanity thrives in a technology utopia with flying cars, and instant food. Tom has never been able to find his place in this idealistic world, but then he accidentally changes the course of the future when he uses his genius father’s time machine. Suddenly, he is in our present, and his family believe he has had a nervous breakdown and hallucinated his ‘past’. But as his new life just gets better and better, he has a tough decision – does he fix the world for the rest of humanity, or keep it like this just for himself?

I loved the short chapters, especially that which has an entire page of ‘Fuck’, repeated over and over. It was a great time travel story, though the writing style was a bit incongruous – the themes were definitely adult, but the writing felt very immature for the content. I still loved it – it’s time travel; how could I not? The ending was a little strange… (Look away now if you don’t want to be spoiled a little bit!!!) A third present was introduced which was just a bit tooooooo weird for me. But overall, a fab book with fascinating characters and interesting twists and turns!


Moonrise – Sarah Crossan (3 stars) Read more

Stacking the Shelves #69

Stacking the Shelves #69

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where book enthusiasts can show off their newest additions to their collection!

OOPS! Too many books again! Eight this week, but I spent no money on these ones! 🙂 So excited to get stuck into a lot of these! But my TBR might explode soon….


Awesome Covers:

  • City of Brass – S. A Chakraborty

A stunning ARC, an amazing story. I need EVERYONE to read this book when it comes out in March!

  • Whimsy & Woe – Rebecca McRitchie, illustrated by Sonia Kretschmar

I loved the ARC, but the finished copy is just AMAZING! Those illustrations; the pretty hardcover. *swoon*

ARCs – old and new: Read more