Weekly Recap June 2017 #1

Weekly Recap June 2017 #1

Five books this week – looks like this is becoming the regular number; I suppose that makes 20 books a month, so not bad overall. 🙂 I read only fiction this week, but a nice mix between fantasy and contemporary. I really must get back into short stories and non-fiction though… Loved the absolute wackiness of The Last Dragonslayer – think this might finally inspire me to finish the Thursday Next series! I also adored Literally – it was a very fun, easy read.

Literally – Lucy Keating (4 stars)

Annabelle’s life has always been pretty perfect. But then she meets world-famous young adult author Lucy Keating and everything goes pear-shaped. Her parents are getting a divorce, and selling the house Annabelle grew up in, and then she meets a boy who can only have been written for her – it has to have been manufactured. Just when she thinks her theory that Lucy Keating is writing her life is too bizarre for words, she finds herself in a love triangle (typical), and the fight between author and character is ON! I loved that Keating spoofed and applauded the stereotypes of YA literature, while creating a vivid story which encapsulated some of the struggles which come with the writing process.


It Looks Like This – Rafi Mittledehldt (4 stars) Read more

Mini Reviews – Y.A. NOT?

Mini Reviews – Y.A. NOT?

Bullet Catcher – Joaquin Lowe
23rd March 2016, 304 pages, 3/5

This book was strongly reminiscent of a Western – I don’t like Westerns very much…. Immi, an orphan working in a bar, dreams of being a bullet catcher. There is an air of mystery around the bullet catchers who can catch and deflect bullets, and who fight against the gunslingers (who were a bit like bounty hunters…). Lowe created really interesting and complex relationships, but I couldn’t connect with any of the characters very well. The world was a bit dystopian, but it wasn’t developed enough. I kept getting everything confused with Rebel of the Sands – they both have guns, and they’re both set in the desert. However, Bullet Catcher is a great subversion of the Western trope, with a female protagonist and some moral ambiguity – who really are the bad guys?

Thank you to Allen&Unwin for my review copy!

When We Collided – Emery Lord
23rd March 2016, 352 pages, 4/5 Read more