Stacking the Shelves #62

Stacking the Shelves #62

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where book enthusiasts can show off their newest additions to their collection!

FullSizeRenderFive new books this week – not too bad, especially seeing as I only paid for one of them! I received one book from TeenCon at Sydney Writer’s Festival, a friend found a second-hand copy of one of the books in a series I’m collecting, and then I found two lovely finished copies on the freebies pile at work! Lucky week! 🙂

  • Legion – Brandon Sanderson

This is one of the BEST short stories I have EVER read. I own it in a combined collection, but have wanted this pretty hardcover edition for quite some time. I caved this week!

  • Red Sister – Mark Lawrence

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Weekly Recap March 2017 #5

Weekly Recap March 2017 #5

FullSizeRenderOnly four books this week! I’ve changed my commuting patterns, so I’m only on the train for two hours a day, and it is definitely affecting my reading! The new Mark Lawrence was pretty good, but it took me soooo long to finish! And yet, I read The Most Beautiful and Difficult Women in the same day! How do you squeeze extra reading into your day?

Heist Society – Ally Carter (4 stars)

Buddy read!!! Just as wonderful as the first book. I still love all of the characters in this motley teenage heist crew. Kat Bishop gets conned into stealing a precious emerald; she is embarrassed, and determined to right her wrong. Ally Carter writes such fun books, which make me want to accumulate the skills required to be a spy and/or a thief!

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Weekly Recap March 2017 #1

Weekly Recap March 2017 #1

Eight books this week, though one was a Little Black Classic, so I’m not sure how much weight it carries as a book… The first three had been sitting on my TBR for months and months, as had Wheel of Osheim, but I read this one now because Mark Lawrence’s new book, Red Sister,  comes out soon! I loved Brian Selznick’s The Marvels, just as I have loved all of his books, and it was amazing to get my hands on Patrick Ness’ new book, Release. I am disappointed that NONE of the books this week were by Aussie authors. I will do better next week. Grab any of them for yourselves at Booktopia!

Nothing Tastes As Good – Claire Hennessy (3 stars)

An interesting story about being a young girl in the modern world. Annabel is a spirit, assigned to help a particular person before she can move on. Julia, Annabel’s assignment, is fat. So it’s obvious what Annabel has to help her with – being fat makes you unhappy, right? But it isn’t so clearcut, and Annabel has a lot to learn, as does Julia. There were some moments which made me nauseous as the book described what young women afflicted with anorexia think and the actions they take. It was insightful for a number of issues, and I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. A really good read, especially for high school students.


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