Weekly Recap July 2017 #4

Weekly Recap July 2017 #4

Seven books in seven days! I participated in the Booktubeathon 2017 challenge, where I had to read according to seven challenges. I chose books based on a combination of those I wanted to read RIGHT NOW and those that have been sitting in my TBR for WAAAAYYYY too long (looking at you Karen Memory)! Most of the books I read were pretty good, but nothing was a total standout!

Dear Martin – Nic Stone (4 stars) – Finish a book in one day.

Justyce is a good kid. He’s an honour student, destined for Yale. But then he tries to help his white (drunk) ex-girlfriend get home safely. But then he ends up in handcuffs. This moment in his life makes him reconsider his place in his mostly white school, and society in general. He begins to write to Martin Luther King Jr., asking questions about race relations in America. It is a powerful novel. There is a major turning point two-thirds of the way through that just broke my heart into a thousand tiny little pieces. Warning: I cried A LOT! A short book, but incredibly powerful. Perfect for fans of The Hate U Give, and important for everyone to read.


Funny Kid for President – Matt Stanton (Australian author)(4 stars) – Finish a book completely outdoors. Read more